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Wow! Thanks Flori! I loved playing your games on Coolmath when I was little (like, 2017). I felt so excited to learn that you had an account and I've been following it ever since! (That came out more creepy than I thought it would, in short I really love you and you're work dude. ;3)

Shoot, I didn't mean to play a stolen game but I actually first played in on . I actually just searched your game now and a bunch of sites are using it. :(

I absolutely LOVE this game! I was looking for it for a while from when I remember always playing it on a different game site a few years ago. It's so nostalgic to me!

Falling off. And I don't know how to get past that level since I tried hopping off and falling, then double jumping. It still doesn't work.

I tested it, one of the main bugs I think you should fix is the plat-former on the first level, since my toast keeps dying. :C

Nice! I love virtual pet games! This is a pretty decent one!

Maybe the auto-play was too fast (I made it 'eerily slow'), but it didn't feel that scary. I also didn't really like how short it was, it didn't even feel like a short story. However, the art is still good. And I like the text fonts.

I'm such a fan of you Florian! I absolutely love your games! I hope you continue to have the inspiration to make such unique games! ;D