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Pitching in to call this a great game. IT's just so well polished and rounded, everything synergizes together, from the UI to mechanics to "lore" (whatever little there is). It does seem too easy, as others pointed, but it definitely comes off as a "relax and build" game rather than a "I want a challenge."

The only criticism is that I would not care to reply it again as it does not have enough complexity to warrant multiple playthroughs. Which is totally fine for a small LD game, and it doesn't necessarily need to be replayable.


Haha, that was great! Loved the first action (Touch hair) and the twitter battle :) Oh and the music was really fitting too, particularly the first / credits slapstick-y theme.

One more tech question if you please - how did you do the movement blocking by ledges? I take it you didn't put invisible walls everywhere? Just a custom controller that moves you on ground unless the slope is greater than some threshold?

Beautiful little game, taking notes from Miazaki I take it :) ? I don't think I figure it out, tho, only found the watering pot and explored all 4 areas before I got the black screen crash.

Also, I played it late at night and at first thought it was tied to my real clock thinking "oh neat, so I gotta play it at different times!" Was a little disappointed that wasn't the case. Maybe food for thought?

Do you mind me asking how you did the escape menu? Just render to texture camera on the entrance and teleporting player to actual location? and what about your lighting - just toon shader with a non-gradient black/white ramp texture?