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ahhhhh i'm so flattered you did a video on this! your lets plays are so lively and entertaining! sorry about the no sound, this was sort of a test game and I didn't put any in :'0 thank you so much though!

thank you so much!! :D that's pretty much what i was going for lmao

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! i'm so flattered that people are not only playing this game but also MAKING VIDEOS ABOUT IT.....! i love your editing style and sense of humor (and your cat) and i can tell a lot of love goes into your videos :O 

all of this was just made by me, yeah! it was supposed to be a "test" game to get used to the software but i ended up putting in more work than i intended, but i really like how it came out :D again, thank you so much!!

wow! i wasn't considering adding translations because this was only a silly test game, but it's wonderful of you to offer! i'm not sure if i'll do it for this one, but if i ever make a bigger game i'd like other people to see, i'll contact you!

thank you! i love bean very much lmao

AHHHHH THIS IS AWESOME! thank you so much for making a video on my silly little game, i am so so flattered!!! <3 <3 <3



thank you so much!!! <3 i'm not sure i'll make more but i'm glad you enjoyed bean, both the game and the character :D

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID A PLAYTHROUGH OF IT!!!!! i am so happy you loved it and i am so blown away by this wow, i never expected something like ths! thank you so much, that's awesome!

thank you so much!!  <3

thank you!! <3 <3 <3

you are too >:O

thank you so much thats so cute aaa!! i'm glad i could make you happy in some way!

I'm so happy you liked it so much!!!!! I hope your day gets better, and you have a great week, month, year, etc, you sweetheart :'O

Tysm that means a lot to me!! :'D

Thank you so much, you're so sweet! <3

Yeah I know the lack of sound effects is maybe kinda... not so great but I'll try and put them in if I make another one. Thank you for playing!