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so lovely and a bit sad!

lovely, a lot of fun, and entertaining writing! as a typer i really enjoyed this. however, i have to agree with other criticisms - the setting of difficulty at the very beginning is strange, and the inability to save on command is frustrating. i tried to play the numb lock but set the difficulty too high. this resulted in me dying a bunch, and since i couldn't save, i lost lots of progress each time i died. aside from these issues though, i still enjoyed my time! great work from all who worked on this.

absolutely beautiful in every way!

wow thank you so much!! i'm so happy to hear you liked it, this lil project is kinda old at this point so i'm glad people are still enjoying it :D you and your partner are awesome too!

LMAOOOO AJSKLFDSL YOU'RE SO RIGHT!!!! i'm screaming, this is so fitting but also i can't believe you took the time to edit a lil meme about my tiny game i made years ago. i really appreciate it!!

awww thank you!!!

thank you sm!!

i am so blown away that you did a lets play of my game!!! thank you so much, and i'm really glad you enjoyed it!

ahhh thank u sm!!!! and HELL yeah!!!


ahhhhh i'm so flattered you did a video on this! your lets plays are so lively and entertaining! sorry about the no sound, this was sort of a test game and I didn't put any in :'0 thank you so much though!

thank you so much!! :D that's pretty much what i was going for lmao

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! i'm so flattered that people are not only playing this game but also MAKING VIDEOS ABOUT IT.....! i love your editing style and sense of humor (and your cat) and i can tell a lot of love goes into your videos :O 

all of this was just made by me, yeah! it was supposed to be a "test" game to get used to the software but i ended up putting in more work than i intended, but i really like how it came out :D again, thank you so much!!

wow! i wasn't considering adding translations because this was only a silly test game, but it's wonderful of you to offer! i'm not sure if i'll do it for this one, but if i ever make a bigger game i'd like other people to see, i'll contact you!

thank you! i love bean very much lmao

AHHHHH THIS IS AWESOME! thank you so much for making a video on my silly little game, i am so so flattered!!! <3 <3 <3



thank you so much!!! <3 i'm not sure i'll make more but i'm glad you enjoyed bean, both the game and the character :D

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID A PLAYTHROUGH OF IT!!!!! i am so happy you loved it and i am so blown away by this wow, i never expected something like ths! thank you so much, that's awesome!

thank you so much!!  <3

thank you!! <3 <3 <3

you are too >:O

thank you so much thats so cute aaa!! i'm glad i could make you happy in some way!

I'm so happy you liked it so much!!!!! I hope your day gets better, and you have a great week, month, year, etc, you sweetheart :'O

Tysm that means a lot to me!! :'D

Thank you so much, you're so sweet! <3

Yeah I know the lack of sound effects is maybe kinda... not so great but I'll try and put them in if I make another one. Thank you for playing!