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Thanks, our team mate who did the sound/music and some level designs came up with.

Thanks, it means a lot as a first time team and a first released project for any of us.

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Thanks, we made this on gamemaker

Thanks for the praise!

Thanks! yeah I didnt realize the menu was blurry until after I had already closed Canva and not saved, next time ill actually use photoshop or gimp so that i can export it without weird aliasing from downsizing.

Thanks! it helps that we were able to get the entire game system done on saturday and had all of sunday just for level design and puzzles.

Thanks for the kind words.

if you are referring to the waterfall platforms they were supposed to be a "leap of faith" type platform, but we didn't have time to put in any levels that force you to learn that before needing it.

Thanks for the feedback, we are pretty proud of it, and yeah one of the doors in the second to last level (the one down the narrow pit) has a button that is a little hard to see.

Thanks for the feedback, I didn't have time to implement that thing where you can jump for like 3 frames after you leave the platform edge and the browser version of the game has some framerate issues for sure that can cause inputs to get lost.

Thanks! I'm strangely proud of those, that and the door open/close animation

I like brad