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thanks for your reply! I confirm it's a chip ram problem in presence of a memory expansion. Looks like it only starts with 512kb chip + 512kb slow fast, adding fast ram prevents the game from starting. On real hardware, I cannot disable extra ram because 1mb is required.

The game is soooo beautful and lovely crafted! Sadly I cannot get it to start on my A1000 with 512k+9mb, all I get is a garbled cyan screen. Replicating the configuration on WinUAE also replicates the problem, so I'm confident it can be fixed! Game will start properly if 1mb of chip, on WinUAE.

Can't wait to put it on my MVS NEO-GEO!

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Any chance to see MD rom released?

awesome game with great design!

Good potential, reminds me of Cruise for A Corpse! Problem is it's made with Unity which doesn't guarantee consistency in pixel graphics. I ran the game on a CRT at the same resolution of the only one available (512*288 which is also not good because it should be 4:3) and pixels are not consistent, they keep changing shape depending of their position on the screen.  Very sad.