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Great video! I certainly appreciate all of the feedback you provided, and I will 100% take it into account for any future work! I also appreciate that you linked the Itch page in the description. Hope you enjoy the rest of the game. Look forward to a big update soon!

I also want to add that although fixing the stairs thing isn't something in-scope for this project, I have already fixed it for future ones. So stay tuned on that. For the most up-to-date info, I recommend joining the Discord. There you can provide direct feedback and see what's coming up before everyone else.

This is phenomenal! I actually used this plugin quite heavily in Wizzerd Quest, the free RPG I just released. Thank you so much!

Quick question: is there any way to connect this to the Terrain3D plugin from Tokisan Games? They claim on their forum there is some kind of debug collision you can enable to make it work, but I am skeptical that's not just accidental misinformation.

Oh heck yeah! I'll be in touch when that happens!

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This music is awesome. I actually updated my fantasy RPG (which already used your fantasy music) with new content, and used some of the music from this pack to help sell the creepy feel. Thank you again!

Hi! These are beautiful! Would you be willing to make more art like this in the future (for money of course)? Somewhere down the line I'd love to make a sci-fi shooter with sprite weapon models...

I really appreciate all the well-wishes! Trying to keep quiet because I don't want to accidentally do a "Sean Murray hype train," but there will be another, larger update to the game this month that will lengthen the plot and add much more to do! Hopefully that will help you get the satisfying conclusion you are hoping for!

Thank you so much for playing my game. Remember, it's SHAREware, so make sure you share it with your friends!

Fantastic job! I have to admit, I never thought I'd see someone beat my game faster than I could do it. You did an incredible job. Of course, since you successfully managed to break the game with your drowning glitch, now I've got the classic gamedev predicament: do you patch an exploit used by the speedrunning community, or leave it in? It's a real head-scratcher...

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Hi! You use the mouse wheel or controller bumpers to cycle through all the bartering options, like you do when switching inventory items. My intent was to make it easy to simultaneously tab through items while also switching between Buy and Sell. However, I definitely could have done a better job of conveying that functionality to the player. A lot of the feedback I'm getting is that it feels good once you get used to it, but it's super clunky at first. That means I need to make this system easier to understand for new players. I'll note your feedback down and make some improvements to the system in a future patch.

I really value your feedback. It's super rewarding to have notes like this that allow me to improve the game in ways I didn't even think of. As soon as the inventory gets addressed in a patch (and trust me, it WILL), I will note it in the patch notes. Worry not: patches do NOT affect your save file.

Thank you again! Share Wizzerd Quest with your friends and keep the feedback coming!

First of all, let me just say that this is GREAT feedback and I really appreciate it. I'm gonna try and address your issues in order.

- Fava is located in Maras, the big city by the ocean. You will find him sitting in the park in the center of town.

- The places you're having trouble entering are actually designed like that. The glowing red shield is directly related to the main quest, as is the situation with the capital gate.

- The stairs note is something I've gotten from a lot of players. Originally it cost 5SP per jump but after feedback I cut it to 2. That being said, since it's still a grievance people have, something more comprehensive may need to be done in order to balance jumping. I'll look into it.

- The enemy death hitbox thing is something I'm actively working on. It should be fixed with the next patch (which will likely be in a couple days)

- I agree that the quest info could be more transparent. I need to come up with a clean way to bake that into the HUD without cluttering things up too much. Perhaps I will build some kind of combined map + quests screen separate from the inventory.

- The dungeons are all tied to the story, and thematically they make more sense when played as part of the main quest (there are actually some items and lore pieces that only show up when you visit for the main quest). 

- The map lag is caused by the enemy AI. It's in the Known Issues. The problem essentially is that, once an enemy starts chasing you, they won't stop for any reason, and so the further you get from them, the more expensive it becomes for the game to compute the enemy's pathfinding. I'm working on a solution for that which causes the enemy to lose interest past a certain distance. It'll be in a future patch.

- Finally, a lot of the limitations regarding map scope and enemy variety really come down to the fact that the game was, for the most part, made in two and a half weeks by just one guy (me). It was a fun passion project. However, people are more into it than I expected, and feedback like yours really inspires me to keep working on it. I can't really say when, but trust me when I say that the variety and scale (including dungeons) of the game will grow in the coming period.

Thank you again for this excellent feedback. I'm super grateful to have people like you who take the time to give such comprehensive write-ups. I hope you know your feedback has been genuinely heard, and I will 100% be taking it into account with future patches.

Hope you continue to enjoy Wizzerd Quest. Don't forget, it's shareware, so make sure you share it with your friends!


Hi there! I think we may have talked already but just to be safe, I recommend trying to install from another device. We also just released another update that should make the game more stable so it wouldn't hurt to update as well!

Thank you so much for the great music! I used it in a snack-sized open-world 3D RPG I made:

Please let me know if you're ever interested in making more music like this!

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Thank you so much for your feedback! Version 1.02 has just released, with several changes that hopefully address your issues.

Fantastic work.

Wow that made me smile in the kinda messed-up stress way. Great work!

Thanks for the feedback! Truth be told, it's not something we thought about during the jam, but accessibility IS an extremely important part of game design. If we'd had more time to work on Daty Duty, it would have been nice to implement a version where every file had a visible button prompt on it. Maybe in the future we can patch the game with this!

Thanks for the feedback! Originally this game was built around the mechanic that the files would continue across unless you pressed a specific button (more akin to a traditional rhythm game), but we ended up settling on this "pipe switching" approach instead because we felt it gave you an opportunity to breathe by automating some of the timing. Still, we often ruminate on that choice, and it's cool to hear from the community!