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I see :) All the best!!!

Will the DLC be paid?

congrats on your release! do you intend to release a mac version sometime in the future? :) 

loving it so far!!!! may i have an ending guide please?

all the very best! :) and i hope you're getting sufficient rest too

so chuffed!!!!! thank you for the behind-the-scenes update. love how much there is going on thematically. 

if you need a proof-reader, i’d be happy to be of assistance. i’ve proofread a VN demo before and i’m an editor for my school’s journals! 

exciting! will there be a Mac release?

looking forward to it! do you have an estimated release date? :)

is there no mac version of this? :(

It works! Thanks a ton

Sure! Thanks.

Yes, usually has a pay with card option. 

However, it isn't available for your game.

Could you help me troubleshoot this please? I unfortunately don't use PayPal. 

Hi! I'd like to pay by card but it looks like you only accept PayPal? May I know why? 

Thanks a ton :)

Thanks so much! :) I also haven't been able to get Caspian's good ending despite several playthroughs. Could I get a hint?

 I re-downloaded the game and the problems persists. I'm on Mac OS Catalina. Here are the screenshots. Some of the error messages recur. Thanks for troubleshooting!

Hi! There are a ton of error messages in this game because certain images cannot be loaded.

Same problem for me! I’m also on Mac OS Catalina :(

Thanks so much for getting back to me. :) Glad you're all well!

Hi! Haven't heard from you in a while. How's it going? Take care and stay safe!