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I would play if I could save..



How will a save ever be possible when the emulator is played through a browser? This guy probably knows that but doesn't want to admit it, instead saying he'll try and fix it when he "has time", although he sure had plenty of time to create this in the first place didn't he? It just smells fishy,you can be that naive if you want to be. The fact is this emulator is useless without a save feature, admit it. So we can play DKC or ALttP for 5 min... Um, yay? The novelty quickly wears off when you realize you can't even save your game and you've wasted your time.

How would a save feature work? The emulator runs in the browser. It'd be different if the emulator was a file being run by the XB1 itself. I don't see how a save feature is possible, and I think the creator knows this but doesn't want to admit it. Right now a lot of people are all like, "yay! Snes on xb1 yes!!11!1!" The creator doesn't want to rain on his own parade because this is probably his life accomplishment.

He says he will try and fix the save when he "has time". He had time to create this emulator but can't find the time to fix the save? BS. It's entertaining how naive and simple people are.

Honestly, this emulator is useless without a save. Why can't you admit it

You've been saying for 1 year now that you are trying to fix the save. Why don't you just admit that you can't do it? Because you don't want to admit that there's a fatal flaw with your little invention.This is retarded and you are a joke.

But it's been 2 months. How hard can it be to add a save feature for crying out loud? Again, this thing is a piece of crap if you can't even save your game

When will we be able to save our game? The save/load state doesn't work, nor does the natural in-game save (it erases your save every time you stop playing). Nesbox is useless until this is fixed.