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good asf, hella high quaity! It actually felt like actualt footage, and the anticipation to horror was nice too, and i like the microphone feature as well, encouraging you to be quiet IRL.

Hella good game, alot of horror games usually dont scare me, but I do have a fear of bugs, and making a horror game based off the fear of bugs was a brilliant idea! I love this game, it was so scary and nasty, i couldn't even finish it.

This game was sooooo goooood! Felt like i was in a real live stream with real people! 

(.❛ ᴗ ❛.)

cute lil game u got here :)

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I just bought this, and still figuring it out, but then i had a thought. Can it be used to add patches and DLC to games?

This game has made me more open-minded. I say it had good writing and some good pacing too. If you still plan on working on this, may I suggest alternate endings based on the actions you picked? Or something like a love meter.

how does one put so much elegance and class into one moveset. This game is epic, good combat, tho, i will say the game is pretty slow until i clear all the dust and then the game runs smoothly again. Other than that, pretty good stuff. I wanna see this on steam in the future

I like the combat and how fast he attacks. Keep it up