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Multiplayer is only available to the Kickstarter backers till release.

Thanks for the feedback!

Don't worry. As I said I need to gain a little bit more skills before moving on a bigger project. So maybe when I got the skills I will expand this game. It is likely but I am not promising anything ;).

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hello, thanks for the feedback! I agree that the tasks were not much fun and you got bored quickly. If I will decide to work more on this project I'll do something about it.

Great game, with nice assets and really unique gameplay. The camera is sometimes a little bit too sensitive but otherwise great game.

Great little game.

Hello, thanks for the feedback. I completely agree with you. The camera isn't good and the game got too repetitive over time. I don't think I'll add more jobs over time as this game was intended as a "first jam experience only" and I feel like I need to gain a little bit more skills before moving onto something bigger. Anyways thanks for the feedback and have great day!