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Koki's Art School

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this game is pure gold

okay, thanks!

that sounds difficult, you are very inspiring to get through all that. :)

UwU im a brave pup

Animal Crossing 2 community · Created a new topic ???

How do you start? lol

this game looks like so much fun! will it ever come out in MacOS?

k, thanks!

give the chewed up pencil to the girl left of C.C  

How to get the chewed up pencil: Give the pencil to the fat kid


No, not Mobile, Mac Os ,sorry


well, my mac needs to be updated. But thank you so much for adding this!

i'll download right now! <3

I LOVE THIS GAME! This game is so great! It's simple but very fun. 

Something fun i think you could add is being able to customize you're doggo!

Example: Customizing fur, Giving it a cute name, clothes to put on, ect.

i would be happy and honored if you added this! Thanks!!!

it is iOS, Do you have a laptop?

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i love this game! Hine's love for anime is so cute! I have adopted every dog except for Kuu! I really want her but i can't figure out what could trigger the signal for adoption! please help! 

Also, I think that Yan's slightly unsettling touch to her could turn out for something really great! thanks!   

FULL GAME PLEASE!!! i know this is pushing it, but a few mini games someday would be nice :)

Can't wait! i'll have something to look forward too~

:D thanks! you're so kind!

MacOs Download someday?! I would love to play this offline. (My laptop is 2011 tho so it would probably not be able to download anyway lol) You are so talented!!!!!

could you someday make it for a MacOs download?  I would love that, and i'm sure other people would! this game is very cute.

wow, thats is good to know, hahah

i haven't played the game but i'm downloading it. i'll update this comment when i play it