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Kohi Kappu

A member registered Oct 11, 2019

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Suuuper excited about this. The Librarian was so atmospheric and fun.

This was a great little game- tightly designed and really transparent about where you could go and at hinting at what to do.

Same. Moving forward was fine. Turning made me spin out of control. Was having fun with the drawing assignments. Oh well.

This was great - I love that it was spooky and unnerving but just another day in the life of the librarian. You could definitely spin off this character and world into something longer.

Enjoyed this a lot - had that little twinge of anxiety the first time someone wanted "the usual" - heh

Nah, I ended up giving up

Oh, awesome - enjoy!

Ah, it may be that it's an older game you're right - I think there is an issue for 32 vs 64 bit games being supported on a Mac. At least that's one possibility. 

After using The Unarchiver to unzip the rar file on my Mac, when I click on the game app icon I get the message 'The application "TheAquaticAdventureOfTheLastHuman" can't be opened.'

I'm still having problems opening it myself on a Mac, but you need a way to unzip the .rar file. On Windows you need something like 7-Zip. On my Mac I'm using The Unarchiver.

Solved! I dragged the app itself out of the folder and onto my Desktop. Then it automatically saves all files to the Library/Saved Application State folder

No worries - yeah, correct. I've tried downloading it to different places - Applications, Desktop, Documents as well.

When I unzipped the Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass download file, it only created a main folder that contains the .app file and a read me txt.  There are no resource subfolders or anything else inside. I did set the permissions for it to Read and Write for any user (and when I attempted to make those Resource/Save folders trying to guess where it was looking to put the saves I did so too)

That made sense but I don't receive an error message like they did, so I don't really have a file path I can attempt to duplicate. I created two folders, one called "Resource" and another called "Resources" with folders in both called "Save," "Save Files," "Saved Files," and "Saves" and set all with permissions to Read / Write but no luck.

I also can't save playing on a Mac. Hitting Z or space or any other key to confirm "File 1" or any of the others in the Save menu just gives an error sound effect