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I thoght this was pretty alright until the secret boss fight. laughed more than I should, great game, the one I enjoyed the most from this year SAGE (I didnt tried a lot of games.)

I also think people that call it soccer should suck yoshi's dick and balls

stupidly convenient, thank you very much!!

you suck.

Incredibly polished, as visually and mechanically. Very good work!

The characterization and aesthetics of the game really come into play, although there are some problems of timing with the music and the inputs, that didn't stop me from having fun. Tight!

Reminder not to play this game, it is quite incomplete and I am not very proud of it. Better play my other game which is complete and actually quite fun and challenging, Jeti Yeti (Post-jam version for both games coming soon(ish))

To select the one you want you must click! And Thank you for playing! I'm planning on doing a post-jam version because of how incomplete the game is

Completed the game, honestly the best game of the jam

Thanks for playing! the point of the game was to control the space between the captain and his troops, in addition to destroying all the buildings in the level, but I could not implement a counter for the buildings because of the short time that I had left.
Anyway thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it