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oopsies i played the christmas version too 

I really really loved this game! very interesting

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this game was so good I’m so sorry my weird mic bug messed up the feel of the video 

This game was horrifying lol

You've literally announced that you are 9, which means you are not only not old enough to be on this site, but also not old enough to actually have a life. You still live with your parents and they accommodate your every need. You have no right to tell anyone to get a life when they are doing more than you can and ever will do with your life.

oh my gosh this game was spooky. seeing as one of my greatest fears is being in the dark

such a fun game! I may have Jumpes once... twice... okay maybe it was 17 i dont even know anymore lol. 

Filthbreed was one of the best out of this demo, along with Ode to a moon, Such a great experience! 

Oh my lord i couldnt stay alive for the sake of me! I love the atmosphere and that boss was super challenging. Amazing experience.

This game left me with such a shock! this was an amazing experience, I didn't expect it to be so immersive. 

i saw the lady and went to check the cameras and my screen just turned black lo

did you install the unity crash handler?

I accidentally skipped to the part where you said "coffee please" and I thought you called me out on something lmao

bro you got the jumpscare? wow lucky

my game didnt have this problem, not sure what happened ma

This game gave me some good spooks! Mind checking out my video about the game? 

This game looks amazing and I cannot wait for the full version to be released! had fun making a video of me playing this game. 

thats not how that works? If you really want to play it on the go, just get the mobile version?

then why am I the imposter everytime

you have to play it in full screen, at a lower resolution