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Agreed, a winter forest or ice cave would be awesome!

These are beautiful!

Congrats on the release! This is cute and fun!

That's so great! Thanks for playing! 😍😍

Thanks for playing the game! Sorry it's crashing sometimes... that sucks. 

There is some bug with the key press script I'm using and it will glitch out of you play longer than 30 minutes or so. Or if you transfer a bunch of maps. It's enraging and I cant figure out why. By the time I realized it, the game was essentially done and it would have required tossing out the magic qte system.

I should probably remake it without the qte system... constant crashes is not worth it.

Thanks so much! 😍😍 

That is super weird... For me, it closes, tries to open a different game on my computer, and then shuts down properly. Thanks and I'll look into that.

If you hit ALT+ENTER does it fullscreen? The font thing is weird... it should be working okay since there is a font folder in the root directory of the game. Sorry you had so many problems!

This looks super trippy! Very impressive!

Thanks so much for your feedback!! It is great to hear that you liked it!

That's frustrating about the bugs in the battle system... As brilliant as the GubiD system is, it's still has a few bugs and it's not receiving updates and there's no real support out there.  And then, the bugs aren't the same every time! But I'm glad you were able to get through it.

As for changes in perspective: Did you mean when you use Q and W to rotate? Or that it looks like clipping when you don't use Q and W? I just wanted to understand what you meant so I can fix it right.

As for skills: Building skills is a place I can improve. Thanks for the feedback! :D

Seems like a family dev team! Very cute! It's great when a family can share a passion!