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kodiak gaming

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this game was freaking awesome loved the sway of the gun and the story behind it good job devs 

awesome game devs keep up check out my gameplay if you want some jump scares and funny moments 

very good game a while back i watched jack play this lol 

this game was awesome took forever tho to find the last one i had a really good time devs anyway thank you so much for letting me get ahold of this if yall wanna check out me getting scared here ya go

thanks man so glade you enjoyed 

the game was a lot of fun just got a problem with not knowing where to go lol guess that is why its called blind 

very sad but felt heart warming to also that grandpa really good at checkers lol 

very fast game but very pretty would love to have seen a bit more but got some funny gameplay out of it 

this game was sick kinda unsettling lol never would have thought my reward would be sucidal spongebob very good none the less if you wanna watch some funny gameplay here ya go 

this game sounds was freaking horrifying if yall wanna watch me get wrecked here ya go have a nice day and stay safe

this was really cool and very nerve racking lol love the water and graphics to if you wanna see some funny gameplay here ya go

this game reminds me a lot of welcome to the game its really good ive very lucky to be able to play this good job devs keep doing you 

this game was cool as heck always wanted to be a captain 

no problem man lol

loved the game but move along there nothing here 

this game was scary as heck good job developer if yall wanna check out me getting paranoid you come to the right place 

this game was freaking amazing keeping doing you devs if you wanna see some funny gameplay here you go 

man this game was funny as heck merry christmas everyone if you wanna see me get wrecked by santa check this video out 

well this game was something but for what its worth i liked it meme horror game that was something 

check this game out if ya want keep doing you developers

this game was amazing if you wanna check out some soooo spooky content here ya goooo!!!!

this game was pretty good not the scariest but none the less good and love the graphics btw if you wanna check out some gameplay there ya gooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

this game was awesome it was very scary to i enjoyed everthing about it but one thing when your walking and and you stop it takes a few steps by itself so idk if you need to work on that or my game just crapped but other than that this game should go far 

this game was great if you wanna watch some gameplay here ya go enjoy 

this game was so good omg it was amazing probably the best horror game ive played on here props to you developers so greatful to even be able to play this masterpiece 

this game was freaking scary as heck if you want some scary but funny gameplay well your wish has been granted 

this game was amazing but not a good ending for me keep up the great work developer 

this game was so sick developer if your reading this please keeping making more 

yeah this game was great very smart killer to be honest if she didnt get stuck between the door i would have probably never won but thanks for this game very fun if you wanna check out the video and me getting jumped scared a freaking lot here you go 

if you like funny content please check out my channel thank you 


if you want some funny content then your in luck please feel free to subscribe if you like thank you 

if you want funny gameplay or just checking out the developers game well here ya go hope you enjoy 

check out my channel and feel free to subscribe if you enjoy please and thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu