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Question, if i bought the previous update  for 5$ and the new update costs 13, will i have to re-pay the full price for the new 1.1.0 update?

Or is there a way to which i can just ad the 8$ extra?

what if i cant get the game due to my region? (my state doesnt like nsfw games on steam being avaiable etc.)

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thanks, but another issue i forgot to mention is there, but im noit sure if its in your power. in xlecx, when i try viewing a comic, the following error mesage pops up:"You don't have the permission to View this Page.".

reloading doesnt work. Is it possible to fix it?

Edit: Please dont feel offended i just want to report issues when possible, this is great work, application and all. I just dont want others to think its only semi-functional, eventhough its the first and best i've seen so far. Please keep up the good work!

Edit 2: the actual website just doesnt let guests see certain comicx, such like some comics i want to read. Its made as such by the website. Maybe there is a way to skip or bypass this like i once did on another website, by altering/deleting the login-requirement on my side, but otherwise idk how one would manage to skip it here. havent tried it either, aside from when i wanted to look at more plastic-string-projects i could do(, since i still have some of those).

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update: for those who still have v2.0.0: xlecx page system wont work, so im getting the newest version here now (v2.0.71)

Edit: same issue with v2.0.71

i want to go to the next page on xlecx and it just keeps me on page 1;

if i want to go to a certain catagory, in my case furry, i get an error message "Page not found".

Update: it works now! Seems you got the issue fixed, thanks!

keep up the content!

this should do, right?

Hope i did it right

{ 	"comic_panel_theme": 1, 	"pagination_theme": 0, 	"offline_theme": 1, 	"browser_theme": 1, 	"waiting_quality": 1, 	"hover_downloader": false, 	"max_per_page": 18, 	"img_graphic": 1, 	"notification_download_finish": false, 	"notification_optimization_finish": true, 	"lazy_loading": true, 	"tabs_limit": 32, 	"search_speed": 1, 	"download_limit": 5, 	"show_unoptimize": false, 	"check_update": true, 	"auto_close_optimize_panel": false, 	"file_location": "C:\\Users\\Rene716\\Documents\\techzipfiles\\XComicDownloads", 	"open_br_startup": false, 	"developer_mode": false }

its in documents;

documents->X Comic Downloader ->setting.json

how do i send it here?

Update in terms of 1.9.8 update (as user): 

same issue but now ther was "SyntaxError: Unexpected token e in JSON at position 469" with it dk what it means, maybe you know it

tbh probably just a me or my laptop problem since my laptop can lag at 1 graphics on roblox, which is VERY bad, since its supposed to be newer than my sisters laptop or something. Dont get too frustrated about it pls!

So i delivered the veggies and now cant find mary anywhere??

Where is she?

Maybe also add in later ch. a location hint if the player visits the queen or the guard!

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just a quick note about the older 1.9.5, downloading it to instantly open it is no issue, having it installed then trying to boot it up locks you at the loading screen in white... does this still happen in this version? gonna try it rn

update: same issue in this version, 1.9.7

stuck at "getting setting"

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NOOOO im in germany so i cant see it noooo...


*edit: fing/ get/ wishlist it

it doesnt save my progress on mobile, and i dont ant to replay EVERY single interaction. Can i fix this or is it not implimented yet?

I cant seem to download the game, the extra site too it later suddenly got blocked too. is there a way it can be at least as a .rar file?


So basicly afer yello fellow, black furr bitch breaker, whale  i think stair knob neat the front door, demon, torture butt plug, demon, front door

If i still remember it right also shed has rope bdsm gear, mirror cabnet latex, bedroom cloths drawer the t-shirt u wear at the start

same here, using opera GX if that helps

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i cant seem to proceed after raleigh, any tips?

Edit, found out what to do nxt, thx comments!

thx for the tip, wish i could go for a second dip. maybe the art for it is still in progress! :D

for those stuggling: spoiler alert-ish

i have 5/6, looking for a valve

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i found an alien that isnt featured in the gallery, its the leaping one that fondles your boobs, could you please add that in the next update?

Edit: anotherone is the ceiling tentical  that flips you 180* and penetrates you in the vagina

i think the gun is fine, maybe a difficulty setting for later would benefit the varius peoples difficulty-opinion

tbh i dont know how to use that mode lo

thx for the tip again, i found it! btw keep up the work! Its like really, really great!

thx for replying, but i just want one thing: can you cross the river, is the 2nd drawing there somewhere?

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i downloaded it, liked it, but i couldnt find the second drawing. I think i checked everything, got the first drawing at least. Is there a secret character, and what should i do with the string now? What am i missing?