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can i delete the older versions? i still have 3.3 and 3.4 on my computer

im confusing, new update just came out but no public changes post?

what's new in this update?

I like Estelle, but after Celestria quests, i turned out hate her so fk bad because of how annoyed she was

I have to download pc version because there 2 problems with Android 

1. The game wont be able to install because there is already existing one, somehow it doesn't work as updating but installing the whole new one, so i decided to delete the old one, but still cant install it

2. I have already copied 2 backup saves files before, after deleted the old app and those copies are also gone

Seem like i will have to play the whole game again, perhaps i should wait for more contents, 0.3.5 or even 0.4.0 sound good

is there any way i can transfer save files from phones to pc/laptop?

haha, its done, although not much contents are added so i finished it rll quick

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So, if what you said is true

I just need to download new version and the saves still there

But the problem with Android is normally you cant install the same app again by download apk

It isn't like update through app (chplay, taptap,...), download the new version apk doesn't update old version, thats is why i said like other games, you should save your saves then transfer into new version

Ps: I will sacrifice my whole progress to check if it worked or not

Update 1: didn't work at the first try because lack of storages 

Update 2: it worked 

Update 3: could be because of the engine/plugin you used, some other games i mentioned both use Renply plugin 

She looks rlly similar to Bronya, both design and face expression

Thank you for your efforts and dedication you put in the game :D

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I reseted my whole phone. I've already downloaded and played it, got to say, im really enjoy the game so far, definitely love Cleo the most.

I hope there will be more options soon (places, clothes for the girls, items,...)

The tasks system is clear, love the hints, character design is great, the relationship system remind me of mythics hotel

Cant wait to see more contents

Also, how can i transfer the saves when install newer version, can i save a copy then move in the game data like other games?

When i tried to upload the apk on drive to try on other phone , it said "files reading falled"

First installation 

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I somehow cant install the Android version

Any solution?

Edit: how large is this game, i still have 6gb left so its definitely not the problem 

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Not much going on, really repetitive, the scores are just stopped at some point

I know the game is still developing but buying camera for each use is weird ngl

Overall, not a bad experiment, i would love to see more date options which can trigger h-screens

And 1 one thing that quite unconvenient is no roll back on options sreen, the auto save saves whenever there was an option sreen

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Khá là chắc sẽ có v.đề khi có bản mới, vì thay vì đc update qua app trung gian, game kiểu này lại update bằng vc download apk bản mới

Vc đg có 1 bản trên máy mà cài apk mới thì sẽ ko cài đặt đc (thường sẽ hiện ứng dụng ch đc cài đặt)

Các Dev của The Headmaster với Harem Hotel khuyên là nên nén file r lưu lại hoặc copy vào nơi khác (Android -> Data -> hk_production.twelve_god)

Ko bt game này thế nào nhưng 2 game kia tôi làm vẫn đc nên chắc game này cũng đc ._.

Cái storyline thì tôi ko bt nên nói thế nào nhưng mà lựa chọn model khá hay ít thấy sự tương đồng với mấy game tôi vừa nói ở trên, đặc biệt là Nayomi. Lựa chọn ý tưởng và cảm hứng cũng như sử dụng nguồn tài nguyên (Background và sfx) đều tốt

1 điều khác nữa là vc ko có hệ thống tính điểm hay stat j để thể hiện sự phát triển nhân vật theo hướng nào đó, thật ra thì cái này cũng cản trở mạch chuyện do nhiều khi ko đủ stat r phải đi cày, nên ko có cũng đc :v

Btw, cười vụ EA vl =)))

took me around 15 tries to finally speedrun it lol

So....i havent played for a while, but the game still on my phone, currently on v0.11, i've already saved the saves and stuffs. Can i download and install  newer ver without losing it now?

Something is wrong, i have purchased the camera and unlocked the uniform rules but the stage 2 of the headmaster pet quest still not completed, 1 and 3 have already done

seem like i lost my save data, but its okay :3

Okay, thank you :3

Im downloading the newest version

Im using Android, how can i update without losing data?