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Hey wotb will you add the new song to ur soundcloud I rly wanna add it to my playlist and also it would be amazing if u added some of the covers u alr made in the game they are pretty amazing

Nvm it worked

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Uuuuh why can't I download  it says sth bout copyrights and not giving permission? I am using the android app

I guess yuuichi will top cuz he is still new to all this gay stuff and the likes and well........ wotb actually already posted a pic for shoichi sucking knows but I guess yuu will top 

It's on wotb's twitter if you wanna check it -censored  tho-

Did u guys see the new cg things gonna get hot between yuu and sho 18+ :3

Does your fingers hurt cuz damn dude u wrote an essay here -although I totally agree with everything you said- but just wow the amount of time that would take 😂😂

Just download the new version when u install it there will be an option to "just update data" or sth don't worry ur saved files won't be erased

*SPOILER ALERT*This update was rly unexpected I thought they will win on last second I was literally in tears when they lost

Lol same here happy valentines day to shoichi

o........K where is the update? 

I thought  so too

Guys who knows when the next update be

I hope so, it's the best visual novel I played so far