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Great work, I tried the realistic looking version and it looked and ran amazing on my pc. Keep it up!

Game was great, only complaint I had was my mouse kept going over to my second monitor during gameplay, but maybe it was just my pc being weird. Story was amazing and gameplay was incredible for just a 10 day game. 

Game was fantastic, only complaint would be that it was a bit confusing at times., but maybe that's cuz I'm dumb. Other than that, game was amazing, cant wait for the steam release.

Really liked the game. It was nice and spoopy :). definitely give it a shot! 

I played episode 1, it was very fantastic. I loved the atmosphere, and overall ambient noises that were heard thorough out the house. I will probably continue to play each episode at a later date. 

This game was very Good, I loved the atmosphere and ambience. Graphics were amazing, and the pace is great. Only thing I would improve on are the looping soundtrack, it cuts off very abruptly, and also the end is very abrupt. I felt like there could have been a more powerful ending or even a cliché jumpscare to end it off haha. Anyway I played it and had a blast, keep up the good work!