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Fish guy: 0_0 “slams door”

So what is the specific TIME of release?

Да~ Я точно не против таких людояшеров



???? Aren’t they have an android ver on their site?

Niiiicee and right after i played t.i.t .s.

Can you make a mega download?

I wonder why the (NTR GAME) got removed? That is so weird 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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Why is the game on the other account?

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Hey Deniam! Just wanted to say that you made really nice game! Can you add clothing shop where you can buy outfits 4 the tamed girls to wear? They would range from normal to cute to sexy to sluty and would also altarate the sex scenes (oh and just more group sex scenes in the future)

Finally the Great Chunie has returned! And he is still good 😊

This game is fantastic 🤩🤩!!! It is what i wanted to see for a veeeerryyyyy looong time!

Ok then

If this true then why my game keeps crashing when have even 1 of the mods that doesn’t have json file?

I hope gallery is finally updated?

Yes. Yes I AM.

Imo he is very based man and devoted to the cost which is respectable! Plus! The first time i saw the game cover i thought there were cat-robot girls with dicks do to slight similarity between this game artist and other NSFW artist who draws hyper futa content.

Hey if i can grab that big silicon furry ass then its worth it


Dude!! This looks cool! Can you make android ver so that we can play it on phones?

And im just a goofing around 🤡 (Honk! Honk!) So you know don’t take this seriously 😌

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So the game finally hit [100 days of update absence] mark… The dark times 🌑 have begun Upon us…


Cool! make a mobile port and i (and others) play it.

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Almost everyone. They upload 1 update once in 2-7 months with bug fixes and little content that continues the story by an inch and then repeat.

Now i’m not trying to insult anyone, its just that I THE “GREAT” KOAOK have 61 followings to different Creators on this platform and I like no one else feel the repeating cycle of waiting. Recently i replayed some of their games and while some were giving something new! others well…. Not much


Oh ok… Still cool👍

Can you make android ver?

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I Pray and hope 4 the second cOmming brother 🔥🙏

Why android ver is a zip file instead of APK?

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Okay can the modders add this stupid json in their mods already?!

I can’t play scalie exp. Or stock events or white thigh high bcs they dont have this file. I tried to wait until they fixed it but it still isnt

Yet hypertus wokrs

Same for some reason most of the the mods that download like Scalie expansion do not work bcs they don’t have the json file or something?

Hmmmm … 4 some reason many mods in my mod launcher do not contain the “json” file and would crash the game. What should i do about it? Just wait or there is another way?

Mmmmm new game

Can i fuck and degrade elvyn/human girls into lusty nymphos? Cause if true then i am hooked!


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I have 5 stupid yet funny items to add in the game 1:Condom armor- C.A. is a Cumlover perk that cost 3 points to unlock and a 2 piece item that can be created by buying a Med.rubber band in medical, Attaching 5 filled condoms to the top and the bottom of your character, If the enemy punches you there is 50% chance that they will hit one of the condoms causing the burst of cum that blinds the enemy + lust dmg and covers you with cum to consume.

2:Condom mace- C.M. is also a Cumlover perk that costs 3 points and allows you to use a new item (Stretch+ Condom) as a mellee weapon that takes 5 hits to break. Depending on how much cum is in the condom the mace can either do more dmg, stun the enemy or even drop them down, upon breaking it can either cover the enemy in cum, blind them or again drop them down by sheer gallons of jizz leaking on them (+lust dmg depending on size).

Aaaaaaand thats it sooo wdyt?

Instant 5 star