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Guys!! Please can someone help me! tried to delete this game from my pc and now it saying that I can’t because it opened on the some program and it also says the date of the file is 18.11.2019 22:08 which I think is the first time I download it please help fix this

Mmmmmm…👌❤❤❤ Yes this looks great

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i have an idea of the enemy, that will use hypno powers on joe, making him go to have sex with closest enemy, and also would not easily be seduced.

is the creator of this game is dead or full  head deep in the development

I love you❤️

what's a purpose of that circle on the health bar

you know what i just realised. renamon has no tail in those animations

new update is cool (but pls fix the human model from hand job scene it looks ugly af)still cool update

android version pls

what about the shop

not my rice

this game is fucking shit but has a potentional to become better than now (23.08.19)

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make a gallery

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Can you do. So that after we swim with shiky she tells us to go with her to wash in the shower, then she will ask to wash her breasts and for this we will have an erection and we will have the choice to give her a wash our dick or do everything ourselves. If you give her this, she will make us a handjob and we will finish on her face and breast, she will lick and say that this cream is very tasty and she will want more. we say not now and leave (it was written with the help of Google translation im sorry if smth aint right) p.s. give you five bucks for that