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Title says it all. I can't submit an error report or anything like that because there isn't one- whenever I play LBS, the game gets stuck on the 'connecting' stage for a minute or so, then the game restarts back to the Doborog screen as if I had just launched the game.

Great game! It sort of reminds me of You Find Yourself In A Room, but with a much happier ending. I'm honestly surprised you were able to write so many unique responses, I even played the game a second time around to get as many as I could... but I may have gone slightly overboard.

Hi, me and some friends were thinking of entering this game jam and we really like the sound of the third prompt (Your Spirit is an Elemental Weapon) but it seems much more restrictive than the other two prompts, in that the first two provide little more than a setting to work in, whereas the third prompt restricts gameplay mechanics quite a bit, to the point where it becomes difficult to work with.

How strictly are the rules for this prompt going to be enforced? If we wanted to design a game in which the player harvested elemental energy from something like totems or powerups or even enemies, or if the player used harvested energy in a manner that isn't necessarily a weapon, would that disqualify us?

I've recently gotten this game via Steam, and have been playing it for a few days now. I've noticed the commentators seem a bit... lacking in their awareness of things happening. I think it would be a good idea and a fairly easy one to add lines of dialogue in response to the player doing these things:

-Attacking/destroying the repair drones

-Shooting the bow at the commentators/the Emperor/ the crowd

-Attempting to attack the Upgrade Bot/The screens in the Upgrade Room/The trophies in the Upgrade Room

-Destroying one of your own clones

Or various other things, if others can think of some.