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when i tell you i regreted my actions so fast


That´s pog

ok so I don´t know why but i couldn´t finish this story which is wierd cause i play scary games all the time so ig good job

it sure is! am i proud about it? No. Do i still shamelessly fall in love with charackters voices? Yes absolutly!

is it bad i kinda got a crush on this thing?? It s like?? the voice?? very nice tho.

also i nearly cryed cause they sounded so sad :(

Man this was amaizing i didn´t expect the good ending at all! but i am so glad i played this game in one go to get all the endings! My favorite was the Badd true ending even though the good True ending was super cute and amaizing i kinda liked the concept of the bte. Anyways great game!!

Very nice Game i love the Style it makes the game look so good, this scared me way to much for my liking!  I now am afraid of chickens thanks :)

still not able to make it but I will try harder and also nice game