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You just download and start the new version. You can still use your old savegames, as they are stored separately from the main game files.


Not sure what that means, but I'm very excited for v0.11.

I love this game, please keep it going!

There are various way to number versions, it isn't always like the decimal system

Put your penis in their vagina.

Any chance of some tickling scenes getting included in the future? E.g. as a punishment option in the dungeon?

Love the game so far! Definitely my favorite game of this kind.

My hope is that the focus of the game in further development will remain very much on the discipline/spanking aspect, and not so much generic ("vanilla") sex scenes, as there are already plenty of games for that. I don't mind maybe a bit of romance and also some sex, but all in all, the spanking/discipline is what I "come for" when playing this game.

Anyway, I want to thank Altos and Herdone for creating fantastic content so far, and wish them (you) many good ideas for the future!