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Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy that you like the game.  😊

I will try to fix the wall jump and then patch the game after the rating phase.

Happy to hear that! Thank you! :)

Hm... did you use the mouse wheel to scroll through the seeds?

You didn't get the correct jump seeds? Do you remember how that might have been triggered?

Hey, thanks for your feedback! In what way was the mechanics too sophisticated?

With the font, I thought back and forth because it really wasn't good to read, but then I decided to go for it because it was the closest to a real handwriting font.

I'm afraid everyone cheated. I should have been more careful with the character movement possibilities...😄

Hey, I'm happy that you like the game (at least parts of it :D) so much!

At the beginning, I had the idea of the platformer, for which you need three types of plants to get to the top. It turned into two plants after a few days, cause otherwise I couldn't have done the rest. <.<'

A lot of platformers lack narrative for me, and I love telling stories, so I really wanted to base the whole thing on a story.

The problem with the "walljump" didn't occur to me until an hour before I had to submit the game, unfortunately. But so close to the end I was afraid of breaking the game if I changed anything on the character controller...

I like these cozy farming games....🌾

Have only two small remarks:

1. I'm not sure if I just did something wrong, but I got less money for the harvest overall than I spent on the seeds.

2. When I tried to buy seeds for a pumpkin without enough money, I could place infinite of them. 

In the end, my Koi would probably have had enough motivation to get up Mount Everest. 😄 Very nice game!

Thank you! 😊

Nice! I'll have a look at that!

I really like working in 3D. I'm glad you liked it! 😄

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

That's exactly how it should be! Thank you! ^^

Thank you! 😄

Hey, thanks for playing it! I'm really happy that you like the atmosphere so much. I actually had a few other flowers prepared, but then there wasn't enough time to get them into the game. The sunflower won and became the main flower. 😄

Thanks!  🙂

Hey, thanks for playing it! I've also dreamt of a VR game with gardening from time to time. But right now the headset is still a bit too heavy on my nose to really relax for long.  😁

Thank you for playing it! The music is by Scott Buckley. He creates really atmospheric tracks.

Thank you! ^^

Ah, I just love these kinds of games! Thank you for making it possible to start the seeds again without having to start over. 😁

Small note, because I don't know if this is how it should be: When the flower is still "extended", you can't hop on it. It took me a few jumps to realise that...

That's good to hear! Thank you for playing it.  😄

I'm glad you like it! I wanted the animation to be more cartoony. I thought it would fit the character better. But yes, I'll probably have to tweak it again. 😁

Hey, thanks for playing it! 😊 I definitely need to tweak the planting speed. I wanted it to roughly fit the total time when you have cultivated all the fields.

Thanks! ^^

Hey, thanks for playing it! Yup, not much to do at the moment, I ran out of time at the end. I will definitely add some features. 🙂

A vegetarian snake? I like it. 😄

At one point it looked like the body of the snake was caught, although the head was just safe. I'm not quite sure if I did something else wrong there.

A really cute game, I like the look of the dinos. 😁 The music was relatively loud for me. Maybe you could add a setting for the volume?

A really nice game with a decent increase in difficulty and puzzle factor. I liked that the head of the plant was used in so many different ways. (Even if I felt a bit guilty every time it was cut off). 🙂

Once I pressed the button in the bottom right out of interest, was taken back to the menu and had to start again at level 1. Would be nice if you put in some kind of prompt to ask if you really want to cancel the game or something. 😅

Hey, thanks for playing it! The garden could probably also work quite well as a level, but now I have to see if I can find time somewhere to at least build in an ending. 😄

I really had to laugh... the neck, the end screen.... really cool. 😄 Had 316 points on my first try and 526 points on my best one. Are the fishes completely random?

I will correct this not entirely insignificant error in a post jam version. 😁 Thanks for playing it!

Thank you! I worked with a Blender first approach this time. There are definitely still a few things I need to change about this game. I'd be happy if you'd take a look at it again sometime. Then there might even be a chance to win the game! 😁

Ah, I must apologize for that. 😅 Currently you can't finish the game. I just put it in the description.  

Ha, the earth had no chance! 😁