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We'll see if our artist can join the stream! (No promises, as we have a few appointments tomorrow night.) Thanks for your interest, and we hope you have fun!

Thank you!

You can download the Windows client for the Full Screen experience.

Sadly tooltips was one of the features we had to cut out - yes, the lower of the two scores is the one that counts.

Anything above 220 is quite good, well done!

Great game, shame it is so short!

Very Limbo! Also, very difficult. Really lovely art style, the dead trees are amazing.

Super cute graphics. Also, I really appreciate the animated mouse pointer to teach the player. Really great!

I was exploring the room and thought the message that Bugfixing doesn't work is part of the game. Then I found the QR code and was thinking "ooooh, a *really* cool AR puzzle game".

Such a shame - I hope you continue to work on this!

Please do and let us know!

Thank you! We had a third theme planned and much smoother transitions, but we - as everyone else - ran out of time before properly finishing it. Also, the SFX!

There'll be a major update one way or another over Christmas though - if you want to, please check it out again then. :)

Unexpectedly, probably my personal favourite game of the jam. The snake mechanics are really cool!

Rollercoaster Tycoon can go home. Midnight Ghost Ride is all the excitement you need from a really cool ride!

(I love the singing, the "business is my profession"-line and the general gameplay. So much love and attention to detail here.)

This is a very cool idea! It'd be nice to select the order of characters though, to get an overview instead of a try and fail approach.

Very, very impressive though! Love the "death" screens.

This is absurdly pretty and cool.