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Thanks for playing! Particle effects and juice are definitely on the to do list for us. Nice job with Only One Arrow as well!

Thanks for the playing and the feedback! It'll be really valuable for improving the game. :D

Thank you for playing! Polishing up those with particle effects and more unique movement is definitely on our to do list. :)

Thanks for playing! Pulling the camera back is definitely something we want to try out to balance enemy and player movement.

For our project A Cat Named Shmup, we did "Only One Bullet".

Since in most shoot 'em ups you just fire an infinite stream of bullets, it provided a really interesting design challenge to only be able to fire one bullet! Our solution was that when your bullet collides with an enemy, the bullet splits into another bullet causing a chain reaction effect.

It's really interesting to see how limitation can drive creativity!

Thanks for taking a look at A Cat Named Shmup! We highly recommend you read the description before playing as it has a quick overview of the controls. Hope you have fun playing!