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Good game. Will keep my eye on this game and it's updates.

Quite the interesting concept. I definitely liked it and would love to play it as a full game someday,

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I actually was, I realized it when I noticed that I forgot to remove my finger from my shift key during a battle phase, so yeah I guess that answers why it kept crashing during a battle. Thanks for the reply anyway.

I also  sometimes get some kind of error when you fight Zafra at the meet that says "TypeError Cannot read property 'x' of null"

I really have high hopes for this game but for some reason the 3d aspect of it isn't working well with my pc, the sprites just end up being a jumbled mess, no idea what's causing this... But overall I really am I liking this so far and would definitely buy it on steam once it's finished.

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This was a pretty good game. In any case I seem to have a problem getting to the crystal cave, I don't know if it's a bug or it's the end of the demo but yeah, overall this game is epic.

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This definitely has some weird comedy to it but a good one nonetheless.

And I see that there will be an eventual follow-up game, will definitely wait for that. Good Work.

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Oh thank god, I thought this game was already abandoned.

For real though, the plot is actually pretty interesting. You not being the main character in a VN game is already unique in its own way already.

Can't wait for future updates and the finished product.