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sorry for the very late responce but no thank YOU! you or you and your team worked very hard on this amazing game ^^ keep up the good work and thank you aswell for changeing the roll button it is much more fair. stay safe have fun and a amazing day ^^ 

i dont think cromebooks can :/ if so i do not know how to with a crome book

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what will happen to this game after flash is gone...i've been really enjoying it and i hate to have to hope its small enough to finish by then but i would love if it was a longer game just i wont be able to finish it if it is..

why dose windows  and other high end computers get downloads while crome is stuck with flash and even that will be gone 

this game looks amazing only thing is the rolling is kinda hard maybe you can try binding it like shift a/d instead of a/d x2 as if you use shift it would be faster to avoid attacks and you wont get stuck in the stun lock only a suggestion. stay safe and have fun ^^