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Knight in Shining Llama

A member registered Aug 03, 2022

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On it!

Depressing ending, great game!

You asshole xD

You bugger you got me good xD

Unsettling game, would love to see more mate! <3

I liked this one! Incredibly unique and fun experience! You totally have a thing for the bigger gals *wink*

Laughed, came, cried 10/10

I enjoyed this one! Not enjoyed, twas scared shitless but original concept

You're so wierd for coming up with this idea and I love you for it xD

Enjoyed this one, story took me by a surprise!

Can't believe I got sad when the spider left...

Great work man you made me pee myself!

Very cool game but did I win?

Can't believe you had me stand around for 3 whole minutes, well played


Very creative!

Way to ruin my childhood brah, circumsized?

The dialogue in this game is incredible!

Be honest Oscura, is this based on a true story? xD

You have crafted a disgustingly unnerving experience my friend!

Loved it! As if garfield wasn't creepy enough! Anyway to play the CD that you picked up outside the house?

Can confidently Say that this is one of the weirdest games i've ever played

How dare you scare me like you did!

Unsettling game!

For a game about trash I found the design you created really awe inspiring man!

Doom vibes towards then end which caught me off guard xD

Me like game

Didn't know what to expect, you should be proud mate

This game made me bi 11/10

*Orgasm scream*

Bruh was not expecting to die!

My girlfriend lives in a trailer, im gonna have fun showing this game to her! 


Hell yeah I’m keen! Good work man!

Yo wheres the extra ending version

Having a graphical issue, where the screen is tearing at a diagonal angle. Anyone else?

I like trees