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thanks your code works perfectly!

Medieval Towns community » Feedback · Created a new topic Hello!

Hi there,

Wondering how your work is coming along. Doing such a big project by yourself must be hard, any plans on getting more developers?

I'm super interested in the medieval times and feudalism. I was doing research to see if anyone had already made a game that evolved base building (bandit camps), survival and the idea of becoming a lord of land, creating a town with peasants/players that get taxed, required to fight for your land. Fight other players, over their kingdoms/lands. This is the closest I've seen to that type of game play so far, but sadly only it's only in pre-alpha stages.

I've considering creating my own game but lack a lot of resources, especially in 3D modeling and the art department.

I was planning on sending this through an email, however, I couldn't find your email anywhere. Which is also understandable as you're currently the solo developer and probably don't have enough time to sort everything out.

Cheers, Joe

My discord is Knifeslayer#4006 if you would be interested in a conversation.