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Hi, the game is designed for PAL but it's NTSC compatible.

About the cartridge compatibility you'd better contact BOBR Games here:

In part, yes...

Thanks for playing it!


I really thought there was the list of the programs used to make Lester in the game description... but there isn't O_o

Anyway, Lester is made with...

Code: TRSE

Gfx: Charpad PRO and Spritepad PRO

Sound: GoatTracker

Regarding my experience this is my first game ever. Not for the C64 but for every platform. But I'm a good player and in all those years I developed a taste for a certain type of games and I tried to reproduce what I like about them. Or, at least, the things reproducible on an 8-bit machine.

What I like about the C64 is that despite its infinite library there are few games that explicitly try to mimic the japanese productions on consoles and home computers. The great majority feel so 64ish. But what I learned with much surprise in those last years is that it's more a design choice than an actual limitation of the machine. Despite the heavy limitations of its graphic modes the C64 has a palette that is more colorful and vibrant than what the average 80s game made us think. And Lester is not even the best demonstration of this because I choose to have a dominant color per section which made my life a lot easier but take a look at Sam's Journey. What they made is insane and a testament of the VIC-II real capabilities.

Regarding the next game I'd like to take again inspiration from productions on other machines like I did for Lester which was a love-letter to both MSX and NES platforming, but this time looking to the other side of Japan... late master system/early mega drive era.

Thanks! I don't want to spoil the game here but if you are stuck there's a great playthrough done by VIPER's Retrogame videos down in the comment section, at 20:30 in the video you'll find the answer.



Yes, you can. I developed and tested this game on a PC, so it's viable. I used this emulator:

Hi, I've been able to reproduce both bugs and fix them for V1.1 which will roll out shortly. Thanks again for the report.

Hi, the bug has been reproduced and fixed in V1.1 which will roll out shortly. Thanks again for the report.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Actually it turned out to be quite a nasty issue that could crash the game under certain circumstances. A couple of other player have experienced it. The good news is that this bug is fixed in V1.1 which will roll out shortly.

Thanks! It will be fixed in V1.1!

Hi, thanks for the feedback. It's one of the bugfix on the todo list for v1.1.

Thanks! Regarding the second button support I'll see what can I do in v1.1. There are literally few bytes left in memory and they may be needed to fix a couple of bugs surfaced in v1.0

Wow, you mastered it! Thanks!

Thanks! Can I ask you where you played the game (real hw, winvice, vice on linux, other)? Another player spotted the same bug and I'm collecting info for a fix in v1.1

Thanks for the details! I should reproduce and fix this easily.

Thanks. I noted your email, I'll contact you soon!



Think about the old times where we had to figure what to do in some obscure game from some obscure pirated collection without on screen tutorial AND without manual. 


Just a question to pinpoint the issue... You were in the lower part of the green section?

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to reproduce both bugs and fix them in v1.1!

The wait is over ;-)

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You spotted it right! I loved it and it's the main inspiration of Lester, along with the old Konami's MSX metroidvanias. Actually this game started as a conversion attempt just to kill some time during 2020 lockdown.