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thank you!!!

thank you so much!

thank you for playing!

i'm so glad you liked the art! thank you!

thank you!! i'm really happy you liked our game!

thank you so much!

Thank you! i'm happy i could achieve that!

i really appreciate that! especially from you!! thank you!!

Thank you! I would love to make longer games in the future.

Thank you so much it means a lot to us :D (i really don't know what to say!) thank you so much for playing !

Thank you for your comment! I'm so glad my game could touch at least some people.

Thank you for playing!

This game is really well done. The music, art and writing were amazing,  the puzzles were well set up and i encountered no problems. It's really a well executed game that has a story to tell.

This was awesome! The art was really cute and the chase scenes were super interesting, i liked how easy the movements were, would love to see more.

Super intriguing game, i loved the atmosphere and all the neiboorhood sounds. The dialogue is very well written and has an impact on the player.

Really liked the sprite animations and the environment, gameplay was a little complicated but i enjoyed the mechanic of it a lot!

Really cute! it was fun finding new areas. I especially like the forest environment, it's hard to make such a vast background with only pixels, i really liked it!

This is such a good twist for the sacrifice prompt, i didn't quite understand that you had to hold E at first but after I realized it was really fun! The pixel art was really cute and i really liked how the character got slower each time they lost body parts, thank you for this!

super cute! Always love a good dress up game.  I think it could be interesting to add a sort of scrolling system for the items, like a drawer for the clothes and things like that, it could help if you plan to add more items to keep things organized.

This game is great! the concept was interesting and and fun to work with, using your deaths as a way to go forward was a great idea! The art was pleasent to look at and the animations were very smooth, i really liked the map designs.

I sadly didn't make it to the end because of my mediocre gaming skills but i had fun regardless!

This game is super cute! i had a hard time putting the box on my head, but the mechanics can be interesting to work with.

the tutorial was really funny too.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing!

All the branching narratives were so interesting to find! The character interactions were really cute and i really loved all the endings and their illustrations. The ideas were truly really adorable, probably one of my favorites of this jam!

I loved the mouse + keyboard action! This idea can amount to great things

Wow! this idea is super interesting! the graphics were really cute and i liked the battle sequence.  the title customisation was a super nice touch and the art was adorable! This system can be used for so many things, good luck on your future projects!

I-  I'm so tempted to just rename it before anyone notices, that's the perfect title... how did I miss such a good opportunity! And Thank you!!

Really cute game, a lot of mystery and pretty graphics that follow an engaging story. Very touching

i really like this game! despite the camera not switching back on the atmosphere and map designs are amazing. Hearing the music change and desperately switching camera views was really fun, i would love to play it if the small issue get's resolved!

This game is so cute! i loved the text effects and the pixel designs, just a fun cat living it's best life.

i really liked the characters and the atmosphere! Would have loved to see more of it