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I'd say no more than 30% of the game should be premade. Use an art pack seems totally fine!

Great work! I also saw your post in pico-8 server. If you are looking for collab, discord is a great place to go. Though I found pico-8 guys tend to do jams alone, collab should also be encouraged! It's better that you have an idea for yourself so it's easier to find a team that fits. Good luck!

And here are the cost for each action:

  • breath regenerates 5 oxygen
  • eat consumes 1 supply for 15 energies
  • rest consumes 5 energy for 20 oxygen

Also they are influenced by altitude and random events.

Thank you! The original music is made by a metal band: They won a prize on wacken open air 2017.

I plan to add a selectable route to it, and more types of rooms (now it's basically one type) with different random events. But I don't have a set schedule.

There're still glitches we will fix in the next version (possibly very soon). Thanks for playing :P

Thanks for playing! I was thinking about Fantastic Planet (1973), there are plenty of crazy creatures in this film. So I just tried to make the sounds as weird as possible.

Great game. Reminds me of the visual novel Va-11 Hall-A!

Do you need a spoiler? Actually the other ending can be guessed given the information you already have.

One of the best games in this jam!