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Thanks! I found most people reporting they are confused, though I think I have given every visual clue I could think of. I also added tutorials after the jam in my GitHub build, if that helps. 

The problem I also noticed on my MacOS build, that sometimes a click doesn't respond instantly / precisely. I think the problem is caused by resolution & cross-compile from Linux. And your suggestion is also nice! Will add tomorrow. <3

I think the prototype's visual clue is clearer :D but it's a team work.  You can change the node's color and meanwhile all connected nodes will change too. If they are all set to the same color then the level is clear and new nodes will pop up. Hope that helps you :)

Dang, for some reason I can't run Mac build. Maybe latest MacOS prohibited execution of such programs? Though I also shamelessly invite you to have a look at my submission: I'll try running yours under wine - it looks cool.

I'd say no more than 30% of the game should be premade. Use an art pack seems totally fine!

Great work! I also saw your post in pico-8 server. If you are looking for collab, discord is a great place to go. Though I found pico-8 guys tend to do jams alone, collab should also be encouraged! It's better that you have an idea for yourself so it's easier to find a team that fits. Good luck!

There're still glitches we will fix in the next version (possibly very soon). Thanks for playing :P

Thanks for playing! I was thinking about Fantastic Planet (1973), there are plenty of crazy creatures in this film. So I just tried to make the sounds as weird as possible.

Great game. Reminds me of the visual novel Va-11 Hall-A!

Do you need a spoiler? Actually the other ending can be guessed given the information you already have.

One of the best games in this jam!