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It should be fixed now, could you try again and tell me if it works

What browser are you using?

¡Me encanta! Mecánicas muy elegantes y excelente diseño de niveles. Mi única queja sería que haya un selector de niveles para poder dejar el juego a medias y continuar luego, y que esté en web para que más gente pueda disfrutarlo. Mi favorito de momento.

Muy buen arte/sonido/ambientación; me encanta la animación del principio y del final. El sonido del despertador se hace molesto, pero al menos se puede quitar en las settings. Muy pulido en general

Buena idea y ejecución, una experiencia pulida/"coherente" y bonita.

At the Hedges of Time did fake undo in puzzlescript, but the code is super complex - thinking about it, idk if Tres Undos would be doable in puzzlescript, even with more buttons & being able to hijack the undo button.
I've just remembered that there's a cleaner codebase for the multi undo system:  here is the source code for this game, which is basically Breakout but with white/orange/red bricks. If you were to make Tres Undos with multiple players, it might be easier to remake it from scratch taking this as a base, than trying to modify Tres Undos directly.
My discord tag is knexator#4865, feel free to DM me.

It's just code compiled in web, no engine :)
Playing locked levels is not a bug, but a feature! Allows me to quickly play a random level on a different computer, and to help very stuck players that want to skip levels. Very people find it on their own, congrats!
2 players is a cool idea, wonder how it would work. Does each have their own timeline? Can one undo the moves of the other? I'll have to think about this...
If you want to try ideas for this style of game but don't know js, I have great news! Check out PuzzleScript: It allows you to make grid-based games without code. For example, a moving block is simply "[Block] -> [> Block]"; a wall for player but not crates is also super easy to do. There are a ton of cool games made with this engine (, and it's what I use for the many games that can be done in it (Tres Undos can't, since it messes with undo itself)

Thanks! The source code is avaliable here, in my github. Be warned: it is extremely messy & unreadable (for example, the variable "player.inHole" not only stores if the player is in a hole, but also the current players sprite! (for historical reasons)). It might be easier to rebuild it from scratch!

If you're only interested in making custom levels, the game does have a level editor (which includes a mechanic that isn't used in the game)



It has now been fixed

Here it is! 

Thanks a lot! For most of my browser games, I use no engine, just javascript and canvas. The source code for this one is avaliable at

After dying, any direction key or WASD will restart

Thanks for the feedback! The description now has an explanation for each object (in rot13) to allow players to skip the discovery part and jump straight to the meatier puzzles

Very interesting, thanks for posting!

I didn't know of that blog but it's wonderful, it has everything my blog aspires to. Thanks for linking it!

Pleasant deductive puzzles, simple but interesting & 'complete' mechanics, cool story/writing/ending; 10/10 puzzlescript game

Thank you for your kind words :D

It works now, great game :D

My keyboard has the Spanish layout, and altough I have the bracket keys [] and I've tried pressing them along with shift, alt, control, and all of their combinations, still nothing happens. If you ever happen to update the game, could you please add q/e or maybe the arrow keys as extra controls?

Looks interesting but sadly the bracket keys don't seem to work for me, making it unplayable :(

Ensure you connect the VR headset and SteamVR is running before staring the game 

Try opening the project with 4.13, or right click it and choose "Generate Visual Studio project files"

Nice game!

To anyone that has finished it, my letter is R at 4. Please share, I really want to know

Fixed! I had to tweak a couple of settings on my account, but now you should be able to pay directly by card :)

If you want anything added/changed in the game once you try it, just email me with your thoughts.

Daniel Hurtado