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Very interesting, thanks for posting!

I didn't know of that blog but it's wonderful, it has everything my blog aspires to. Thanks for linking it!

Pleasant deductive puzzles, simple but interesting & 'complete' mechanics, cool story/writing/ending; 10/10 puzzlescript game

Thank you for your kind words :D

It works now, great game :D

My keyboard has the Spanish layout, and altough I have the bracket keys [] and I've tried pressing them along with shift, alt, control, and all of their combinations, still nothing happens. If you ever happen to update the game, could you please add q/e or maybe the arrow keys as extra controls?

Looks interesting but sadly the bracket keys don't seem to work for me, making it unplayable :(

Ensure you connect the VR headset and SteamVR is running before staring the game 

Try opening the project with 4.13, or right click it and choose "Generate Visual Studio project files"

Nice game!

To anyone that has finished it, my letter is R at 4. Please share, I really want to know

Fixed! I had to tweak a couple of settings on my account, but now you should be able to pay directly by card :)

If you want anything added/changed in the game once you try it, just email me with your thoughts.

Daniel Hurtado