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In the second loop if you stare at the closed door you can see it "teleport" open, it should only open when you're not looking at it, also the picture that falls on ground doesn't have "R3" written on it. Aside from that, the balcony is too bright and the rain effect isn't actually applied to the window glass and is instead floating pass the bars.

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Are you going to add the cockroaches and hands in the opening animation, and are you going to remove the body being visible when you look down? Also you can still walk on top of the bottles by the clock, and after the door banging in the 2nd loop you can plainly see the door instantly going from closed to open, the door is only supposed to open when you are not looking at it.

Wow that's fucking lazy

What exactly do you mean by the jumpscare is a youtube video? Does it just play a video clip every time Lisa kills you?

Are you actually going to update this?