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Can we just pretend the 11th Hour never happened? =X

The mansion art was on point and super spooky. The puzzles were hard, but were sort of pointless. Anagrams do nothing for me. Somehow the game just felt like it never came together. The storyline, video vignettes on the pocket computer were boring and un engaging. Trust me, I WANTED to love this game, but it just sort of felt like a let down that didn't hold up to the energy and "soul" of the first game.

The CD case cover art (box art) was the best part for me.

(Sorry I know I'm being extremely opinionated here, apologies if I've offended anyone).

I know I'm late to the game on this, but I'm dying to know the back story. What would it have taken, what is missing, in order to use music cues from the original score? The new music is great, don't get me wrong, but gaining access to some of the original cues (such as the game intro) seems just as awesome as getting Hirschboeck to revive his original role. I'm both fascinated and impressed by how this project has evolved over the years, and I am super excited about it's final realization. I am just still curious about what it would take (have taken) to use some OG score. Cheers!