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I really want to congratulate to all the team involved into the creation and design of this game!! I really see the hard work in every aspect of it.

The playability is something that lack in many speccy titles but not in this game. It keep the interest until the last 60th level (great job testers)!!!

You have made the game investing hard work and love on it.. It is noticeable in every aspect of the game, in the small details (code/graphics/sound/art/level desing/testing).

In my opinion one of the greatest puzzle game for spectrum in years!! Keep the good job in the sequel ;)

Btw.. I recomend check another game that is similar in concept that maybe you already know "Box Reloaded". Maybe you can get ideas for the next chapter of this great Yanga, like the posibility to solve the puzzles of each room in diferent way 



Congratulations guys!! ;-)

Thank you Watabou! :-)

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Thanks a lot for this little gem!! I discovered the game last year and I´ve playing it for many many months. really nice for casual players that does not have time to play a long in time game. 

I would like to request you a downloadble version, because even in 2019 there are people that does not have internet conection everywhere to play online.

Best regards and million thanks for this great game ;)

p.s.- Im also planing to create the game with pieces of paper to play when I dont have internet or a computer available. really will be fun translate the game to the paper and pencil version ;)