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Katie Moses

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i've just seen this and i'm so glad this game resonated with you. you have put into words a lot of my goals and feelings with this game. i'm so sorry that we have this shared experience and i'm very thankful you're here and playing my (awful) game.

thank you so much! I am doing a lot better, making these games help me process a lot of emotions. I'm really glad they mean sometime to you, and thank you for taking the time to leave this comment <3 :)

ahh thank you!! I'm super glad you liked it. haha yes, tysm for pointing that out! that is a bug I will fix :)

Thanks so much for your suggestion! We took a look at it, and it looks like that's already enabled. If you happen to know of anything else / other settings we could look into that might be causing that please let me know! :)

Thank you so much. I'm glad this had such an impact on you, and I hope you're doing better now. Thank you for playing :)