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It looks very nice. :)

Ok, thanks for your tips. I will try them maybe later.

The game looks agamzing but it's too difficult for me. I can't control the bird.

Pretty good game. I spent 1.5h to finish the game. :)

The classic platform game.  It reminds me of the good old times. The game is simple and too short but I enjoyed playing it. The music is good but too loud for me. Good work! :)

Amazing game! I enjoyed playing this production for a few hours. But I finally finished it. I like the thinking games. I noticed one problem. When appears 'The End' then I can't quit the game because none of my keys work. I have to kill the process. I hope you will continue this project.

I downloaded but can't start the game. Be careful because my antivirus software Panda Protection detected a virus called W32/Exploit.gen. I doubt it's false positive because after that something keeps turning off my antivirus and I can't get it back on. I'm disappointed.

I just had so much fun to play this one. I hope that you will keep developing this game. In my opinion it has very big potential. The music is great also I like this kind of graphics.