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by far one of the funnest games ive played on here! made a dorky anime intro for it and everything lol will make more vids too 

got me good one time but still creepy! has potential and hope you keep working on it! 

so is the dlc included with this downloadable version?

holy shite!! congrats on markiplier playing this game!! its been a while but super proud of your perseverance

good!!! i love promoting indie games, in the future please let me know when you publish a game or need someone to test it out!!

played the game for 50 mins and raged a bit but overall pretty fun! if youre interested in playing for yourself but hesitent heres my vid

its uploading now actually! ill post link in new comment! if youd like me to play everygame you create in the future let me know when you have one almost ready and all i ask is for a shoutout/husky easter egg lol ive always wanted my own easter egg in a game

at first i thought it was too cheesy which it is but then it actually became challenging enough that i wanted to beat it, that paired with the retro graphics and overall feel, kinda took me back to the old games. overall i did enjoy it, very simple and the music was alright which is a huge deal for me! music goes unnoticed in games but can also make or break a game (halo for example).  i think it was good considering how little time you had to work on it! please feel free to reach out to me with your future works. id be happy to play/test your future games and feature them on my channel. i hope as i grow, your games will get more traffic which is what my channel is about! i will post the link to my video as soon as its uploaded!

just beet it it fucking took me 50 mins lol video coming soon

started crying at the end, such an impactful game! 

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anyone interested here is my gameplay so far idk what im missing but i will revisit it

oooohhhhh ok awesome

just made a vid on it, i walked around for 20 mins and only found 3 boxes, a big ass tree and a building, idk if i got unlucky and missed something but couldnt figure out what to do. does the building open?

do i tried recording this game and i couldnt get passed the first room. i picked up the mobile phone, put it down then picked up the picture behind it and it told me to take it but it was listed as mobile phone. the door never unlocked and i picked up everything i could find, kinda confused

you are my favorite indie horror game dev so of course imma support you lol I just bought the demo and will try to play and record it tonight!! Also I have a pretty unique concept for a horror game I'd love to share with you sometime and maybe work on together

I didnt want to post on the nemeses page but wanted to tell you that I'm so sorry that I cant help with a high tier patreon support!! If i could afford it I'd happily do the 50 a month because I think you deserve it. I just havent had a job in 2 months. I cant even do the 25 right now I'm so broke and in debt. Anyways I'm going to buy the demo and play it. I look forward to it! Just know if I can I'll do the 50 asap, I'll start off with 10 when I start getting money rolling regularly. Best of luck and great job!!

lol that donald duck scream at the beginning

hey adam just came across this game and am very intrigued. i have demo and play tested a couple prerelease games and was wondering if you allow me to do the same here? i need a solid terror filled series lol

is there a good ending? like with your sibling a kid a partner and inner peace?

hey its perfectly fine! i enjoyed it nonetheless and loved the coin mechanic! if you do a significant update let me know id proudly play again! that being said i may not see when you create a new game so message me as soon as you do and ill make it top priority:)

we love the idea of the game! short sweet and thought prevoking. im just a potato gamer and thought i broke the game! nonetheless awesome game

my video (3 below) has already become one of my popular "Channel Rivival" series and everyone recently has messaged me saying its bloody hilarious and some have even downloaded it to play themselves!! So great job CallOfTheVoid!!!!

funniest game ive played in a while lol 

short yet thought invoking game! really nice mechanic! was pretty fun to play im just an idiot at gaming which is why i got stuck

thank you so much will make another vid on it after the first one goes live|!! i will post in here as well

im really confused, all the vids i saw on it didnt have the fleshy monster on the wall and i cant figure out how to counteract hi or what to do when he comes in, flashlight and radio dont work on him and the spells dont keep him at bay for me

ok cool i might make a second in the future and thank you!

im all about supporting indie games

alright sounds good!!

SO BEAUTIFUL WITH BEAUTIFUL MUSIC! I broke the game 3 times but sooo worth it! Could this be a prequal to two lines? i think thatd be dope! anywho great job again 

dude thats so awesome! i have a great game idea but itll only work if i could get a huge game studio to let me direct it so i understand the labor put in to just come up with the premise and idea! idk how you make a good game with such a compelling idea yet so simple in just a week! im hoping to become a big youtuber some day so ican get your games the atention they deserve! that being said, would love to test EVERY game you develop especially the horror ones! im just happy i coincidentally got on after a couple weeks taking a break and saw you posted a new game today! cant wait to see more of your work!

honestly great game for kids to dip into hard games and indie games! would love to see some lil kid scream its head off in rage or become a master of it!

so i went in to the game only knowing that the monster looked scary... played and didnt get far cuz i didnt realize IT USED THE MIC!! lmao also laughed cuz i didnt actually think it was based on michael jackson! truly felt like one of the boys visiting him... second vid comes shortly

birdman + captain could that be scary! screaming so hard peaked the mic too many times, edited this before i found out how to limit peaks on premiere pro

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played this game not realizing markiplier had played it but i forgot most of it! screamed so much  my throat hurt for a week

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btw beautiful job on environment and amazing job with the music!  idk how you do it

just recorded it!! going up at 12 pm cst thursday

lol its ok ive already played and recorded the game thanks tho