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Please bring this game to Linux! Thanks! :-)

Posted in Linux support

I use Linux and this game looks really interesting. I'd like to play it but I need Linux support.

Thanks! The Linux download works great!

That's ok. Thanks for the pointer to the repo. :-) I'll look into building it from GitHub when I get some time.

Sorry about the spam. My browser was telling me that it couldn't post, but apparently they all went through. I deleted the extra messages.

I see the top link (labelled as supporting Windows/Mac/Linux) goes to your website where you can download the game. You also supply a Windows link to download that version directly. Please link directly to the Mac and Linux versions too. Otherwise the game can't be installed through the Itch.io app on these platforms. Thanks!

Any progress on that X64 upload?

X64 is good. ARM really only works on things like Rasperry Pi's.

I don't see a Linux version in the list of files. Am I missing something?

The Linux build worked great. I really enjoyed it! Thanks!

Great! I'm happy to test Linux builds. I've done so for other indie games in the past.

Posted in Timruk comments

This looks beautiful. Could you release it for Linux?