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Finally completed the now completed game and it's got to be one of my favorite metroidvanias of all time. My introduction to metroidvanias was Metroid Fusion, and this just brings me back to being a kid playing this genre for the first time. Thank you for the wonderful game and I hope to see more from you. (and maybe dlc and expansions? [fingers crossed])

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It's been about a year and I just wanted to say I hope you pick development up on this again one day. It's such an awesome game and I just finished my second playthrough of it and I can't stress enough how much I love the gameplay and world you built. I'll still be following and I wish you luck!

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I don't usually donate to stuff, but I'll move my budget around for this. This is legitimately one of the few games I'm actually excited for. Not too many good Metroidvania's that are more metroid like out there, and even fewer that bring something new to the table. You've got a for sure buyer here when the full game comes out and hell even with the demo (once pay day comes around that is). Please keep it up! And do consider that Patreon if it isn't undue pressure!

(Also loved your other game Cartesian by the way! Beat it the other night and really enjoyed every minute of it!)

This is amazing! Definitely looking forward to playing the complete game, I would love to contribute do you guys have a patreon account?