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🎉This is excellent news, thank you for the update!💃

I'm flattered that you're still playing, glad to see someone making full use of the gramphics settings.

Very Impressive.

It's supposed top give you two castanets, display a thank you for playing message, and open a portal that takes you back to the start. I must've doinked it when fixing the boss's ai a while back. Thanks again for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Also impressive to beat it with the cowbell, congrats!

Well shoot, that's definitely not what's supposed to happen lol. I appreciate the dedication, sorry about the broken game.

Drum pit is about hitting things with a stick.

Descent into the pit to take revenge on the big meanie who sent you there.


  • Dodge roll
  • Gamepad support
  • 4 wildly different weapons to play with
  • In-depth combo system with plenty of tech
  • Fully remappable controls
  • Comprehensive colour mapping
  • Sounds that I recorded by smacking sticks and rocks together in front of a microphone like a caveman
  • Save your progress in browser

Featuring music and additional sound design by King Aurorus Music. Go support their stuff!


Hop on The Discord to be the first to hear any news on the game!

Twitter is also extant I guess

Hell yeah! True gamer prowess on display.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. UI and display improvements are definitely on the priority list.

Very cool. 

Cute little puzzle game. That last level was a pleasantly challenging thinker, while still maintaining a really solid learning curve. Great work!

(was a bit tired for the bonus, but bonus point for including an extra challenge)

Thank you for playing!

That long jump level was one where the game is more puzzle then action. It was intentionally made to be impossible to brute force on platforming chops alone.

This is a spectacular  game. The only thing missing is a web build


Thank you so much for your feedback, it was awesome to watch you both play our game!
You were absolutely right about the tutorial/safe starting area. With more complex game mechanics like this, it is quite hard for a new player to figure out what is going on and what to do - especially in a stressful scenario.

In particular we noticed that you had trouble figuring out that you had to link units while spawning them, which is more that understandable to miss. That was probably the biggest piece of feedback we have gotten across the board.

A couple of alternate post jam versions are in the works - focused on different aspects of the design (follow bot_Mark for a polished remake of the core systems). Top of our priority list is a proper introduction/tutorial.

Thank you again for providing such in depth feedback - and persisting past the introductory learning curve that you rightfully called "obtuse".

To clarify, I do not think that the difficulty was a negative. I quite enjoyed having to wrap my head around it.

Oh shoot! Sorry to hear that it crashed on you. I think I remember that coming up in testing, but the issue was not apparent enough to fix quickly. I am glad you still enjoyed the game, thank you for playing.

Oh, for sure! This was on our list of things to do, but unfortunately we didn't get the time to implement it.

You are required to connect every new unit to a controller bot, hence the wifi-looking "connecting" icon. We did a *sub-par job of communicating that. One of the myriad tooltip messages we didn't get have time to add would have indicated this.

Very cute. The gameplay idea of matching up the types of cats was really cool.

I would have loved to see more feedback when a card was placed, but I could still tell when I was doing well by the score count.

Was tricky to get the hang of the controls, but deafening the music worked as great feedback and incentive to do well.

Good vibes

Nice and clean.
A great job was done on creating a very simple and clear premise.

Very stylish in presentation.
I like the interpretation of the theme, but the red ball was much to unreliable in tight quarters to place so much empahsis on tight hallways in the later levels. I had much more fun kiting around enemies, then watching them explode in open spaces than I did running in circles hoping the timing would work out.
Overall very solid, great work!

Very charming.
I was a bit confused when the arrow keys/wasd didn't seem to move the hands as per the instructions. However, the game really didn't need anything other than the timing of pressing space to be engaging and fun.

Great Concept.

I was unsure of what to do after clicking all the different buttons that I could find.

I managed to get a score of 200. Very pretty.

For future reference, you can place the entire contents of a unity build into a zip file and upload that to the itch page to make it possible for people to play your game without the use of external means of hosting.

Concept was neat, Cow noises very very good.

I had some trouble navigating the environment, but spamming spacebar took care of that.

On a technical note: game ran at about 8 fps (no graphics card) even in 720p and was 2.55 Gigs which is insane for what it is, but I guess that's just Unreal engine.

I really like the idea behind this game, but the implementation is lacking.

Elements seemingly spawn at random, which leaves no guaranteed way to pass the obstacles, often being very close together, making it very hard to pick up only one. In addition to this, the speed of the game is much too fast for me to react to any let alone all of the obstacles being thrown my way. Of course, these types of balancing concerns can hardly be complained about in a rushed jam game.

Despite this, everything in the game was clearly communicated. Each element was clearly distinguishable from one another and it was obvious which type of wall I was trying to pass at any given moment. The visual that appears when you die is very charming.

This is exactly what I expected to find when I clicked on it.

I have been satisfied.

Thank you for this gift.

Chet Minkus has embraced the void. 9/10 would vibe again.

This is very good.

Thank you for making it.

Thank you very much for persisting through that initial frustration, I am glad you were able to enjoy the game. Post Jam clarity as well as some helpful comments like yours has since made it very clear to me that that mechanic is not intuitive enough to be understood without explanation. I will definitely be making a post jam version after ratings have concluded that features some sort of tutorial.

You have understandably misunderstood the attack mechanic. The character being knocked back is far from accidental and is actually one of if not your main source of offense. The swing of the weapon will hit enemies as well as when the character is flung into them - inspired by the "you are the weapon" prompt. The potential misunderstanding of this mechanic is actually something that was considered a significant amount during development. However given play testing and the description on he page we figured it wouldn't be an issue. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Looks and sounds Very cool.

Fun little game.

This game makes me glad. Thank you for making it.

Very loud. Warranted. Nice game.

Short but JUICY. Loved it. The scariest part about this game is how much I want to try shrooms now.

Very compact little adventure. Nice work

Sailed for like four minutes straight after getting the boat and I did NOT fall off the edge of the world. So unrealistic. In all seriousness, chill little farming game. Feels nice to hit things.

I'm not generally a big fan of turned based combat but I really enjoyed walking around the gorgeous levels. I want to eat those green bricks.

Destroying an enemy sounds like dropping a slab of uncooked chicken onto a wet rock. 10/10