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The supermarket route was very interesting, and was quite immersive. I really felt the decisions I was making up that route were meaningful and was rewarded mostly. Perhaps I was lucky, maybe you need that in the Zombie Apocolypse.

I have to admit I felt insane trying to get the good ending, and I know that's intentional so I suppose GJ's are in order. Perhaps more descriptive language describe the characters insanity and give the player a macro -motive to continue, not just a step to step - see what happens next motive.

While I found the story was engaging, I felt the choices I was making were very ineffective despite not being obvious and eventually came off as futile. If I wasn't told the answer I would probably have given up.

Perhaps more reward for the player for making the right choices to progress?

I liked the way you make the reader clearly aware of what their goal is, to get to school.
Upon reflection, I knew helping the niece would make me late, but wanted to have morals. I thought it was going to be trivial, so I feel it was clever. But the choice wasn't obviously satisfying, so the reflection was necessary.

It was cool to see that it could make me reflect.