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pretty darn good  .... I was cineworld Jerseys (Channels islands) 1st supervisor when we first opened this brings back scarier times lol

THANKYOU ! ... ive  uploaded a longer full demo for boxing day

played on steam deck.... ran quite well medium settings system got warm but played a good 5 hours ..played demo twice .... 


meep meep

lol  good one... uploading on my channel the klingon gamer YT : )

darn good fun 


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pretty darn good idea... tutorial needed 

what.... ok im on it lol   

really good.... had to share it

good fun...although I lost badly and won the last game.... 


LOOKS GREAT sadly my laptop almost blew up 

fun timewaster

enjoyed the game

pretty pretty good 

wish this was on steam.... 

lol scared...

i was straight but now i feel pizza-sexual... that was not fucking  funny

excellent game  lucas feels lol   point n click games are just fun to play

so good its on my channel later on    just like stowaway which was great!  thats already live good point n clicks are my secret addiction 

CLEVER STUFF... Best wishes to you and your family 

a pleasure up on youtube in a few days

excellent game

works on steam deck you die cheaply to be honest ... but it gets you to panic when egg gumpty is near

cool game

lol daft but fun I prefer Burger king anyway

fun... enjoyed it  

pretty cool

better than 2042


gonna post the video on this ... without a silly scary face as Klingons dont scare easy

graphics could be better lol    yeah like this demake 

looks good ill post the gameplay on my YT channel not gonna link it here too many goofy thumbnails as it is

got this game a  58 days ago will not run on my laptop can I try it steam please |:) 

fun game nice little touches in the jump scares best with headset to get that YT scare face eh lol

well killed some time..... lol