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great story vids up 10th october on my little channel doing a 3rd year of horror games for the hallloween season 

dollars Im afraid I only have gold pressed latinum  game looks really good

not bad at all for a human hey im honest not gonna butter your muffin here 

always a pleasure 

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sure it will be fine again my PC is not cutting it lately enjoyable game non the less

enjoyable game only got stuck twice lol 

very enjoyable the clock pendulum puzzle stumped me lol....god im stupid

LOOKS GREAT !!!  Shame my laptop wont play it... ill defo add this onto my steamdeck (if i get one lol)

sill daft loved it 

lol game makes light of an annoying phobia fun 3 mins

love point and clicks liked it a lot 

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Project Fog The Wounded - Playstation 1 Horror Game - YouTube

enjoyable resi vibes  controls (then again so did resis )need work and wheres the Uzi :) 

liked the game but wish Id played the PC version the mobile version is riddled with adverts 

Granny's Silent Playhouse Residence Full Game (Android Gameplay) - YouTube

fun game sadly slow framerates ruined it a bit for me I need that steam deck now lol   fun game could see this on the switch now i need a lof of gold coins for a bike..... or maybe a future DLC eh

Street Eats - 街头饮食 PC Gameplay Early Demo - YouTube

I fell for that bloodied hole in the wall again,,,,,, damn it you do it all of your games lol  puzzles are not hold your hand which I like dying a lot well that goes with the territory  ill be posting gameplay shortly on my humble channel  

nice one thankyou ! 

enjoyed playing this  but my god the prices like im digging for dirt lol  any get rich quick tips? ill upload some gameplay on my YT channel at some point no fake cam commentary just good old fashioning gameplay 

will be playing and uploading this on my humble YT channel this weekend ! 

full of subtle scares nothing too scary to make me fake a reaction on cam ....

but I liked the idea enjoyed it!

Dying Of Thirst - PC Demo - YouTube



at last I have a PS5 :)  

Klingon empire loved it

love to see a full game on this very blairesque   if thats a word if not ive invented lol

enjoyable game thanks  few people turned up to see the gameplay live on my channel which was nice

good game to feature on youtube for halloween so I did

i was not scared though the dude did look menacing I just ignored the bugger lol   

Klingon empire approves this game and has upload 1 of 2 videos for my yearly Halloween themed yt videos collection anything scary! 

luckily I'm well to do and had my butler read for me  heres to a third BF game one day !!

wanted more as usual :)

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enjoyed it posted it on my channel!  didn't do any fake scary commentary or face cam  

Should be good for that lol    I rewatch parts of the stream anyway mainly for neofeud  2 updates snippets

playing the demo now :)

I KEEP MISSING THE STREAMS :(  Im lee  a humble youtuber who posts all things Indie and Switch/PS4 related  I play PC games that will excite or interest gamers like me ….

WELL...… This looks good  gonna try it now :)

anytime noticed the girl shes in neofeud 2  pretty cool

leaves you wanting more very good demo