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played it enjoyed it uploaded it to youtube ... ahhh not gonna post a link... so there :)

Ran out of quarters got half way there! 

great little game

wish i could fund it :) hows it going over there !

been secretly watching your livestreams by the way! 

chris wheres neo 2  :) 

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love this game lol takes away the pain of my crippling diabetes


you sent me the PC version ran poorly due to my PC set up being so poor so I bought the PS5 Version overall GOOD FUN SO FAR

pretty cool also like the ingame commentary

love it so far had a little dry run here on the switch gonna replay it the puzzles are really decent 

damn good fun 

 ENJOYED IT A LOT ...I want more ! 

going to play the game upload the gameplay and not include a cringe thumbnail of myself looking scared on my YT channel - Klingon gamer 

im stuck on how to cross the sewer bridge.... while playing  robot from planet x   can u help ? 


I liked it ..... well killing yourself aint fun but the rest was good klingon gamer YT

like this game a lot uploaded the gameplay not bothered about the copyright music ... 

pretty impressive I went back in time to 1995 to play this lol 

got to the jet and mcpain   Decolonators - PC Gameplay #1 - YouTube I paid in English Pounds and not filthy Yankee dollars lol

Nice good to see u do something totally out there ..... Ill defo play this when im done xmas lunch....  happpy xmas Chris love to u all|!!  

great story vids up 10th october on my little channel doing a 3rd year of horror games for the hallloween season 

dollars Im afraid I only have gold pressed latinum  game looks really good

not bad at all for a human hey im honest not gonna butter your muffin here 

always a pleasure 

enjoyable game only got stuck twice lol 

very enjoyable the clock pendulum puzzle stumped me lol....god im stupid

LOOKS GREAT !!!  Shame my laptop wont play it... ill defo add this onto my steamdeck (if i get one lol)

sill daft loved it 

lol game makes light of an annoying phobia fun 3 mins

love point and clicks liked it a lot 

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Project Fog The Wounded - Playstation 1 Horror Game - YouTube

enjoyable resi vibes  controls (then again so did resis )need work and wheres the Uzi :) 

liked the game but wish Id played the PC version the mobile version is riddled with adverts 

Granny's Silent Playhouse Residence Full Game (Android Gameplay) - YouTube

I fell for that bloodied hole in the wall again,,,,,, damn it you do it all of your games lol  puzzles are not hold your hand which I like dying a lot well that goes with the territory  ill be posting gameplay shortly on my humble channel  

nice one thankyou ! 

enjoyed playing this  but my god the prices like im digging for dirt lol  any get rich quick tips? ill upload some gameplay on my YT channel at some point no fake cam commentary just good old fashioning gameplay 

will be playing and uploading this on my humble YT channel this weekend ! 

full of subtle scares nothing too scary to make me fake a reaction on cam ....

but I liked the idea enjoyed it!

Dying Of Thirst - PC Demo - YouTube



at last I have a PS5 :)  

Klingon empire loved it