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luckily I'm well to do and had my butler read for me  heres to a third BF game one day !!

wanted more as usual :)

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enjoyed it posted it on my channel!  didn't do any fake scary commentary or face cam  

Should be good for that lol    I rewatch parts of the stream anyway mainly for neofeud  2 updates snippets

playing the demo now :)

I KEEP MISSING THE STREAMS :(  Im lee  a humble youtuber who posts all things Indie and Switch/PS4 related  I play PC games that will excite or interest gamers like me ….

WELL...… This looks good  gonna try it now :)

anytime noticed the girl shes in neofeud 2  pretty cool

leaves you wanting more very good demo

its pretty darn good

good for training for Battle would recommend  

wow HITMAN 47  is playing a decent game :)

as a Klingon it did not scare me would play again  good game...silent hill feel about it 

well im Lee the Klingon gamer YT creator (hate that term) I record gameplay of new indie games on the Switch PS4 and PC

I play all Indie games in rotation review them when im ready and feel the games done and get the word out on my small 5k almost channel 

livestream every day when I can come say  hi