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Really enjoyed this one. Had a brilliant visual style. It was also very easy to grasp. Just remember nex time to include the .dll!

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Man, not easy!

Regardless, a creative and entertaining entry!

Thank you :D

Amazing game!

Thanks for the tip!

i did


This will help alot of people XD

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Thanks. Also, didn't actually know about the main menu bit lol

Edit: apparently, the main menu screen was spawning enemies!

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Hmm, doesn't work in opera browser :(

Edit: It doesn't work on any browser!

Edit: It does now. Omg, this game is awesome! You get minus points for burning cat pics!


I really like this engine! I'm already planning to move one of my latest games to Duality! I find it very similar to Unity, only designed for 2D.

thanks! The game is quite hard and we rushed the graphics a little.

Pretty Good!


Very nice! Will consider donating (when I have enough money)

88 days ago? Wow!

Nice :)

Well, not bad. Can't wait for other players!

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  • Multiplayer
  • LOOPING music
  • Maps
  • Ammo
  • Respawning health crates.

Ok, It's kinda weird, but I like the art style.

Really good game!

Very unusual, but good.

Not bad...

Great concept and gameplay. Will play this for a while...

It's a good start, but it does need improvement!