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Not yet.

Currently there is only the visual given by the hips to show how wide stretch the girl, and how much of a gape you cause in the aftermath. I spent a long time at the start of the game's development debating on how I should organize their reactions and ultimately it boiled down to not wanting to be bogged down with having too much devtime. 

This is especially true with writing, each variation would need its own line of dialogue, exponentially. So if there are 9 inches, to work with in length, each inch would need 9 inches of girth to go along with it. Unless ya just want some basic acknowledgements on the girth, the required load even if dumbed down to "small, medium, large etc" would be too great for right now. 

If I can find out how to reasonably change the image of the penis with image transforms then I can see that being done, but for now, especially with text, it will remain with length being the primary determinant. 

All this being said it is worth noting that the VOLUME of your cock IS taken into account for things like condoms, and I could reasonably see using that as the basis instead of a rounded version of the cock length. I dunno, we're still really early in development, and Im kinda dumbass, so we will have to see. 

Totally understandable and a great idea! There are going to be more girls that have larger preferences, but Avarice is going to be the only one as openly. . .vocal.

The reason will be revealed at some point.
(Also people talk about me? I didn't really think I had much worth discussing lmao)

Sorta. This is meant to be used with your actual size. Special events will be added that temporarily change things, but on the whole, its meant to be something fun so you can see how various "girls" react to >>your<< dick.

Thats ok! It just looks like magic to me given I'm a total nonce when it comes to writing code. If you have any questions or anything about how I spaghettified my game, I'll be happy to let you know (what I know)

This will and wont happen and I guarantee it will be confusing and weird.

Holy shit, this is pretty cool! 

IP characters abound! There will be a lot coming in once I'm in full swing with this game, mostly taking requests/results via polls on my SS and Patreon BUT that wont be until AFTER I've finished my short movie I'm working on.

Got it fixed, it was a little bit of a bitch but saves should now be properly working now,  let me know if any problems persist. 

Nope, its still up for patreon/SS people, you join once and you're in for life!

Yes and no, it will and wont be, you'll just have to see

Hit me up when you remember!

Ah, yes, unfortunately it seems you may need to start a new game then.

Updated the file now, please let me know if it persists, you may have to start a new game for it (or not, hoping you don't have to.)

Yep! I'm working on a system now that involves "magic". 

Flesh magic!

Ey no problem! I actually really appreciate any feedback as my goal is to make a really really good experience for as many people as possible. Good or bad, Like or dislike, I love to hear it!

As for her reasoning. . .its, complicated. But will be expanded upon.

Ah well thats Avarice's character, you'll come to learn more about her as I update but in essence she's a total slutbag with her own goals and apparitions. She's not malicious, just. . .opportunistic. Genuinely I'm not at all a fan of NTR/cheating and maybe its because I've got the whole outline of character interactions and their motives/personalities held in my brain, but Avarice and Mituski are meant to be different sides to each other. 

One the doting, loving and always sugarcoated (merciless planet ravager) gentle domme mommy,  and the other the blunt, in your face, mocking goddess of sexual dominance.  Avarice is also a total and complete cockslut for monsters. So, there's that too. 

The scene/her preferences are meant to more be akin to a joke because no matter how big your dick is it won't be enough for Avarice. You'd literally have to be inhuman to truly satisfy her blackhole of a vagina and have the stamina of a demi-god at least. Which is also why Mituski defiantly in the end still sides with the player, because she has normal human tastes 

But I honestly do understand how the scene comes off that way,  it'll probably be the only scene like that, or at least they'll be constrained specifically to Avarice as my goal is to make people both feel better about themselves and learn something new (the condom size recommendations aren't just for show.)

I guess a bit of insight for Avarice's character is, don't take anything she says at face value. One of the reason's there is such a strong. . .dynamic, between Nat and Avarice is that she's a lot smarter than she looks and always has some plan going on.

She can also just be a total bitch sometimes.

Aaaand as for the toggling of the event I'll add a conditional switch that if you ignore it after two tries it'll stop. Genuine oversight on my part.

Like, from overwatch?

Hey! Thanks for bringing this up, I think I fixed the problem and will update the game shortly! It was a problem with saving in the player room, if you had saved in other rooms you would have been fine. Thanks again for finding this! 

Still trying to work on that, right now there are 5 unique sets each with 3-9 unique sex descriptions for length alone, so once I add girth that creates a whole wollop of confusing dynamics. 

I might try some other method down the line, but for now girth is just how wide the lips are spread.

It would be! I actually thought of that myself but it'd take, not a lot, but a tedious amount of work, so its set on the "planned for later" shelf.

Are you talking about the shower scene?

I don't really see it as an NTR scene since the complex is just a big orgy and both girls like the player. . .and the player is fucking the other girls. . . but if it helps in canon no events happen unless the player goes through with it. 

I'll look into adding something, though.

Fixed both!

Weird, I tried to replicate it but I didn't get it to happen, thank you for bringing it up though! Hopefully we can find what caused it!

Glad to be back again!

No problem! New update soon to fix some poppy stuff

Hey no problem! I have plans to flesh out the system further, more like a bartending experience only you create a "cocktale" of sexual positions and the such. Right now its a proof of concept more than anything.

As for the payment, there actually is a small system in place that bases off of how well you guess, plus how well your cock pleases them. A gaping slut will give less money than a tight virgin, so to speak.

But ye! Better implementation to come! And thank you for playing!


Pregnancy takes time just like in real life, some girls need 15 days before their belly appears, others only 5.

Can you give me more detail? What room?

Updated, should be good to go!

Clients are random, with potential for IP girls like Dva or Samus.

I'll look into what you're talking about and have an update out by tonight, thank you so much for letting me know and I'm glad you are enjoying it!

I'm glad! Part of my goal in making this is informing people so reading that really makes me feel like I'm starting to achieve my goal!

Waaaay ahead of you! I've plans for the kids, and each (mainline) girl. In this next update which SHOULD be out by tonight, you'll have a fair amount of character interaction to look forward to. Not, a whole lot just yet, but significantly more than before.

Very soon

I might add a way to ask, but for the most part you just gotta wait and see.

I have plans to look into it, but I'm uncertain if I'd be able to do it. So its a very dedicated maybe!

I want to say yes, and I promise I will look into how I can implement it, but no other promises can be made.

In the future I will be accepting commission for adding people's characters! Right now though the game is on a small backburner because I'm trying to complete a long-form animation project. There should be a new character added soon though!

No prob~!

1. The game has a time system which goes all the way up to a year

2. Each girl has a specific fertility period, in which they can only get pregnant during a certain window of time.

3. I've simplified it to be only a set number of days within each month. So for one girl, it might be on days 11-14, and another it might be on days 20-21.

4. Each girl will announce to the player that they're ovulating and that "its dangerous" etc.

5. Each girl has a fertility level, and the player has a virility score. Once you deposit cum inside their womb, a check is run at the end of each day comparing both the amount of cum, your and her virility, against a base pass or fail depending on the girl. If the number is greater than the pass/fail stat, she will announce the pregnancy to you at the end of the day (hopefully, unless I borked the code and it skips the first time, in which you'll be notified about the birth once the gestation period has finished. )

Would paragraph breaks help?  I should be able to add that into the next update and can add special lines specifically for dialogue for a better understanding.
As for the reason why the first two girls have a shorter response, and different takes for each inch, I realized that not every inch needs to have its own reaction as generally speaking the difference between 4-5 inches isn't really worth note. Plus it makes it easier on me lmao. Instead of writing 45 different lines of dialogue I have to only write something like 18.