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If we can suggest anything, how about ear penetration/brainfucking?

Saving the game last night only to find that I saved JUST before the end of the game in its current state is painful. I hope to see more of this, game hits all my anxiety buttons and I felt horrible for Knight and Mage all night long :D

A shame this game is on indefinite hiatus. I quite like it.

I feel so called out at the browsing history part... Guess I really do deserve to be b895.

I've been browsing through web games that have the tag "physics", and found this game lol

Honestly, this game isn't enjoyable. Slingshot upgrades being temporary really sucks the fun out of the game because upgrading anything never gives a net positive gain. You're better off not upgrading anything, and that just makes it not fun, as you won't ever get far, whether you get upgrades on that run or not.

I'm using a trackpad, and can't right click while holding battery

Damn, I like this take on "Abandoned"; games that a once-excited developer slowly started to burn out on, eventually losing interest in the game they were working on. Eventually, they just stop. Really good take.

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Apparently, not moving gives me the best scores. Huh.

Edit for if anyone is curious: using this method got me a highscore of 44.71

The sensitivity is ridiculously high. Maybe the ability to adjust mouse sensitivity would be nice.

This is enjoyable, despite being very unfinished. Can't wait to see how it ends up looking when you finish!

This is a cool metagame concept, especially with the option to choose how to play. Nice little game!

There is so many ways to make a functional solar farm, but boy is it hard to figure out what works. Overall very fun to me.

God, I'm glad I searched for games with procedural generation. What a calm, pleasant game! I'm glad I found this, and will certainly share with my friends.

Idea 1: "Fire" or "Hire" the duck, with job-related responses

Idea 2: "Launch" the duck, with a spaceship related response

Idea 3: "Record" the duck, with a response about recording the duck swimming in the water.

Idea 4: "Draw" the duck, where you draw the duck with a paper and pencil. The duck ruins the paper by getting it wet.

Idea 5: "Trick" the duck, where you do a bad magic trick. It doesn't work.

Idea 6: "Run" the duck, changing the duck sprite to a pixellated one with a joke about old computers (maybe?)

Idea 7: "Meme" the duck. A line about posting a meme about the duck to Reddit (or a name similar to it but duck related)

Idea 8: "Zap" the duck, with a line about a laser gun.

That's all the ideas I can think of, hopefully it helps you with adding more words!

Disabling sound does not work

This is the stupidest yet funniest game I have played on itch.

Brilliant. 10 outta 10.

Gosh, the outpost theme makes me want to have a 10-minute long version of it to listen to. Great game!

Not often I find a game this good. The replayability is astounding. Impressive game you got here, I love it.

This is... Really well made. Props to ya, I enjoyed playing this.