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Kleetus Van Dam

A member registered Jul 23, 2017

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Alright! I'm happy to support you. Pretty great game!

Very impressive. Nice work!

Just bought at zero hour! Sideloading now!

"Just did a cash out refinance on my summer castle", that's pretty funny!

Just bought and sideloaded. Cant wait to give it a spin!

This game is dope! Very solid platformer, which this console is in desperate need of. Great work! Worth every penny!


Loving this game! Sorry for waiting to see if the price point was worth it. It surely is!

Can you please explain the QR function?

This looks awesome!

This is really cute and fun. Cant wait to see the rest of the games in this collection.

Looks good. Would play better with crank controls.

This game is alot of fun. Very clever. Well designed. 

I was gonna ask the same question.

I'm in!

Very enjoyable game!

Small bug though, when a game is loaded and the music was set to off, the title music continues to play. This is remedied by toggling the music on, then off again.

OMG, this looks great!

Downloaded for free. Came back to pay. This game is dope!!!

Looks good. I'm in!

Definitely enjoying this game. Thank you for your hard work!

BUMPIN' TUNES! Looks awesome! Just purchased, sideloading now, can't wait to play.

Terry Cavanaugh is a brilliant game designer. BTW, did you pull your game? I dont see it on the site anymore.

Oh, I love Super Hexagon!